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Contributed by Jeanine Bass

Contact for lookups of the full families for these heads of households. Be sure to specify that it's for the 1920 Missouri Census, Dallas County, Sheridan Township.

Name Page
Ackerman, Josh K 246b
Alexander, A S 245a
Alexander, Arthur 246a
Batchelor, William 245a
Beckerdite, Artie M 244a
Beckerdite, Bertha E 243a
Beckerdite, Charles E 248a
Beckerdite, Ethel 244a
Beckerdite, John W 246b
Beckerdite, Presly M 244a
Beckerdite, Ralph P 243b
Beckerdite, Ransom 246b
Bennett, Isac J 246b
Bingaman, Isac A 244b
Blair, Jacob M 245a
Blair, John T 245b
Blodgett, Joseph R 249a
Blythe, America O 244b
Bohme, Chas 246a
Brake, Loyd W 246b
Brake, Steven M 246b
Broadens, John E 244b
Brown, Narvel 245b
Butts, James W 247b
Butts, Napolian 247b
Cass, Walter H 244a
Cavin, Joseph M 246b
Cavin, Marian W 247b
Cecil, Charlie E 247b
Cecil, John W 247a
Cobb, Lillie 250a
Collins, Arthur L 243b
Collins, James S 243b
Copple, Molly 243a
Cox, David S 250a
Deeffren, Bitcher E 247a
Derrick, Horace W 245b
Derrick, Jessie S 245b
Dill, John A 243b
Drumright, Jessie L 249a
Farber, Roy E 243b
Farless, Wiliam J 244a
Fortner, Eifel D 244a
Gann, Albert 243b
Gardner, John L 245b
Gertan, James C 248b
Gillham, Gurtie H 248b
Ginan, John E 249a
Greer, James H 245a
Harliss, Mary A 248a
Hartel, David A 243a
Hauce, Liander J 248a
Haukins, Ervill J 247b
Haukins, Gertie H 249a
Haukins, James 247b
Haukins, Lee C 247b
Hawley, Etta D 250a
Hawley, Evert 250a
Herzog, Karl 247a
Highfill, Ellis 243a
Highfill, Guss L 246a
Name Page
Highfill, Hezkiah 247b
Highfill, Hubert P 247b
Highfill, Marton L 244b
Highfill, Nancy L 244a
Highfill, Sarah J 244a
Highfill, Thomas A 245a
Hill, Arlin V 245a
Hill, Homer R 245a
Hill, James W 249a
Hill, John L 247b
Hill, Louis E 245a
Hollis, Ray R 243b
Hud, Cass A 247a
Hull, David S 249b
Hutchison, Sherman 246a
Hutchison, William T 246a
Hydes, Albert J 247a
Icenhower, Irvian S 244b
Icenhower, James R 248b
Icenhower, Manuel H 248b
Icenhower, Rosa V 248a
Jackson, William E 245a
Jackson, William W 244b
Jamacin, Earl J 249b
Jeffries, John T 247b
Jeffries, Nancy A 249b
Jeffries, William H 244a
Johnston, Henry 247a
Johnston, Moses A 244a
Kaus, Henry V 247a
Kinno, John 246a
Lafferty, Walter E 243b
Lee, Charles H 248a
Lee, John S 246b
Lessley, Samuel H 245a
Lipe, Edward 243a
Lipe, Edward 246b
Lipe, Fred 249a
Lucas, William H 247b
Martin, Marshal C 243a
Mason, Samuel 245b
Masters, Mary 250b
Mattox, Eldon G 249b
Maze, Nathaniel 248a
McAvery, Jacob L 244a
McCroskey, John F 245b
McCroskey, John W 246b
McCurry, Cale 243a
McCurry, Jacob H 243a
McCurry, John R Jr 244b
McCurry, Joseph E 244b
McGinnis, Thomas 244b
McMillian, James M 249a
McQuilkin, Abner W 244a
McQuilkin, Robert L 244a
Miller, George 250a
Mitchell, Harvey 248a
Moore, James E 249b
Nichols, Alander H 248a
Nichols, James A 248a
Nichols, Jhon L 245a
Name Page
Nichols, Thomas M 244a
Nimmo, James G 248b
Nimmo, John T 247a
Nimmo, Robert L 250a
Norton, Ellis O 249b
Norton, William A 249b
Norton, William L 246b
Patterson, Birdie E 243a
Penegar, John H 250a
Penin, Floyd E 248b
Pfeifer, Andrew B 249a
Potelt, William J E 243b
Potelt, William M 244b
Potter, Albert C 246b
Potter, Benjamin B 248b
Potter, Benjamin P 248a
Potter, Elisha G 248a
Potter, John W 247a
Potter, Thomas C 249b
Pritchard, Jessie W 245b
Ray, Andrew J 245b
Ray, James O 245b
Ray, Orville L 245b
Roper, William A 249a
Rowland, John W 250a
Rowland, William 249b
Russell, Charles 244b
Sallee, Abraham 245b
Scott, Isac N 243a
Scott, Samuel H 243a
Simon, Decker 248a
Smith, Felix F 249a
Smith, John S 247a
Smith, Richard 245a
Smith, Warner W 248b
Snodgrass, Andrew J 243b
Snodgrass, Bert 244b
Snodgrass, George 243b
Snodgrass, Oscar H 243b
Southand, Henry W 249b
Sprague, David G 247a
Staten, George S 244a
Steele, James A 248a
Steffen, Harry W 250a
Stevens, John L 245a
Stoops, Wiliam S 249b
Taylor, James H 249b
Taylor, John P 243a
Taylor, Marion L 244b
Tracy, James 245b
Tuckness, James S 250a
Wallace, Samuel C 246a
Webb, Albert L 245a
Webb, Eli A 243a
White, Felix S 250a
Whitson, Roy E 245b
Williams, John A 249b
Williams, Roy J 246a
Williams, Thomas M 246a
Wingo, Irvian W 246a
Wornan, James D 250a

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