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Contributed by Jeanine Bass

Contact for lookups of the full families for these heads of households. Be sure to specify that it's for the 1930 Missouri Census, Dallas County, Sheridan Township.

Name Page
Alexander, Arther 74a
Alexander, M 74a
Batchlor, William 75a
Beckerdite, Albert 70a
Beckerdite, Charley 74b
Beckerdite, John 74b
Beckerdite, Ramond 74b
Berry, Herman S 75a
Bingar, John 71b
Blade, Mamie 74a
Blair, Bil W 69b
Blair, Clide 75a
Blair, Jake M 69b
Blair, John 70a
Blite, Oka 70b
Blodget, Charles 72b
Blodgett, J R 73a
Bohme, Minnie 69b
Brake, Loid W 72a
Brake, Steven 75a
Brower, Milton E 74a
Brown, Novel H 72a
Butts, Jim 74a
Butts, Pole 74a
Cain, Carry 73b
Camel, Charley 74a
Canada, Eward L 75a
Cannefax, W Dee 72a
Cardill, Mark 71a
Carier, Fisher 75b
Cavin, John L 73a
Cecil, Charley 74a
Ceple, Carl F 71a
Chamian, William E 73b
Cobb, Lillie 73a
Copple, Moley C 70b
Crain, Barney 70b
Daniels, Evert 74a
Derrick, Harch 72a
Dill, John A 75a
Dlozier, Arch E 75a
Dornan, Jim 72b
Drumright, Jes 72b
Elexander, E 71b
Ellison, Elmer 73b
Emery, John W 69b
Farless, Lowel W 69a
Farless, Roy E 69a
Farmer, Charley 70b
Fields, Berry 71a
Gann, Charley 75b
Gann, Elbert 75a
Gardner, Ernist 69b
Gardner, Jack L 72a
Gerian, Fred 71a
Gerian, John A 70b
Gillisham, George H 71b
Harmon, Sidney 72a
Haster, Dan 70a
Hauley, Evert 72b
Name Page
Hawkins, Emma L 74a
Hawkins, Hobert 74a
Hawkins, Jim 71b
Hawkins, Lee C 74a
Hawley, Ramond 71a
Hercog, C Karl 72b
Herd, Emiline 74a
Herley, James K 72b
Hider, Rens J 74b
Highfill, B M 73b
Highfill, Ellis 70a
Highfill, Emil 70a
Highfill, Iva 70b
Highfill, Jasper B 69a
Highfill, Luth 70a
Highfill, Noel 75a
Highfill, Rich 69b
Highfill, Roy M 70a
Highfill, Tomas 69b
Hill, Betty 71a
Hill, Harm G 70a
Hill, Homer R 71a
Hollass, Ray 69a
Hollis, Lester J 69a
Huffner, Andrew 71b
Hull, Spencer 72b
Hutchison, Bill 69b
Icenhour, Alsc 74a
Icenhour, Vanis 70b
Icenhower, Manuel 71b
Isenhour, Widia 74a
Jackson, Claud 71a
Jackson, E W 70b
Jarnagin, Earl 73a
Jeffries, Arther 73b
Jeffries, Burley 75a
Jeffries, Harve T 69a
Jeffries, Henre 73b
Jeffries, Will 75a
Jeffries, Willie 73b
Johnston, Henry 71b
Johnston, Moses T 73a
Knowles, Cynthey 72a
Lessley, Samuel 70b
Lipe, Edward 71a
Lucas, Bud 73b
Lucis, Glen 74a
Martin, Marth R 70b
Mason, Sam 74b
McCroskey, John 69b
McCroskey, John 72a
McCurry, Elbert 71b
McCurry, Jake 69a
McCurry, Jake H 70a
McCurry, Joe E 69a
McCurry, Ruffus 70a
McGinis, Ione 73b
McGinnis 73b
McMillian 71a
McMillian 71a
Name Page
McMillian, H 71a
Mildman, George 71b
Miller, Loid 70b
Mitchel, Lillie M 72b
Newhart, Fredrick 73b
Newman, Tomas 70b
Nichols, Amas 69b
Nichols, H 71b
Nimone, John 73b
Norten, Wiliam 72b
Norton, Felix 73a
Pfifer, Andy B 70b
Potter, Ben 72b
Potter, Elisha 71b
Potter, Hannah 74a
Potter, Larence 73a
Potter, Lester A 73a
Potter, Steve 73a
Prichard, Avent 75a
Ray, Anda J 69b
Ray, Arvel L 69b
Ray, Cola 69b
Robison, Helen 74b
Roland, Troy 73a
Salee, Paul 69b
Sanders, Jack 71a
Scott, Luther 72b
Scott, Nate 72b
Scott, Sam H 69a
Skidmore, Bill W 75a
Smith, Felix 71b
Smith, Richard 70b
Smith, Romey 72b
Snider, Jane 74a
Snodgrass, B Bert 70a
Snodgrass, George A 75b
Sprigs, Gilbert D 73b
Steel, James H 72a
Stello, Charley 74b
Stevens, Desa M 75a
Stoops, Lesley 73a
Taylor, A Aden 70b
Taylor, Amis 69a
Taylor, Evert E 70a
Taylor, Frank 71a
Taylor, James A 73a
Tracey, Albern 72a
Tracey, Claude 72a
Tracy, Charles 74b
Wallis, Elmer 72a
Wallis, Sam 72a
Webb, Albert L 69a
Webb, Asbery E 70b
Williams, John 74b
Williams, Taylor 71b
Williams, Tomas 75a
Williams, Troy 74b
Wingo, Went J 74b
Womack, Ethan 69a
Wooten, Clarence 73a

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