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Books PriceQty.Subtotal
Dallas County, Missouri History ( The Dallas County Missouri Story 1841-1971)
Hard bound $40.00   
Soft bound with a comb $30.00   
Dallas County, Missouri History Index $7.50   
A Reading of Dallas County, Missouri Cemeteries
Volume 1, 1834-1996 (north county) $16.00   
Volume 2, 1834-1993 (central county) $19.00   
Volume 3, 1996 (south central county) $14.00   
Volume 4, 1996 (south county) $10.00   
Complete set of all four cemetery books $50.00   
Rural Schools of Dallas County
Volume 1 (A, B, C schools) $18.00   
Volume 2 (E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L schools) $18.00   
Volume 3 (M, N, O, P, schools) $18.00   
Volume 4 (R, S, T, U, V, W schools) $18.00   
Complete set of all four school books $65.00   
Dallas County Teachers $19.00   
Goodspeed's History of Dallas County (originally published in 1889) $16.00   
Dallas County, Missouri Marriage Book 5: 1886-1894 $11.00   
Dallas County, Missouri Marriage Book 6: 1894-1900 $13.00   
Old Plat Map Book and Index, original county land owners and amount of land purchased, 1837-1888 $25.00   
Dallas County Missouri Assessor's Book, 1867-1868 $8.00   
1930 Plat Map of Dallas County $12.00   
Dallas County Probate File Index 1867-1967 $7.00   
Dallas County Death Register 1883-1893 $6.00   
Some Obituaries and Funeral Cards of Dallas County MO $16.00   
Dallas County Death Records: Newspaper notices to 1880, funeral cards and newspaper obituaries from 1940-1980 $21.00   
Will Book Record I, 1900-1921 $7.00   
AB Cemetery $18.00   
Pamphlets PriceQty.Subtotal
Louisburg, As I Remember It $7.50   
Note Cards PriceQty.Subtotal
Eberhart Cabin, 10 sheets & envelopes $3.50   
County Court House, 10 sheets & envelopes $3.50   
Dallas County Historical Society Membership
Annual dues, January 1 through December 31 $10.00   
Lifetime membership $100.00   
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