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Records for the Dallas County Home Guards typically only show men in Captain Thomas Franklin's Co. A, Captain Jason Lemons' Co. C, Captain Matthew Pare's Co. F, and Captain Joseph Eldrige's Co. G, most of them serving from June 24, 1861, to September 24, 1861. However, the Osage Regt., Missouri Home Guards, organized by Col. Joseph McClurg at Linn Creek, Camden County, in the spring and summer of 1861, included two companies also formed in Dallas County: Captain Claiborne McPheeters' Co. B, and Captain John Hatfield's Co. E.

This is a roster of the Dallas County Home Guards, companies A, C, F and G, merging data from two sources: 1) the Missouri Secretary of State Archives' Soldiers Database and 2) the National Park Service Civil War Soldiers Search. Each source lists soldiers that the other does not. Names are spelled as they are found in each source. Where the spelling of a name differs the data has been combined if it is believed to be for the same soldier.

Images of the service cards for most soldiers can be found on the Missouri Secretary of State Archives' Soldiers Database. Be sure to search using the names as spelled on that system.

Abbreviations: Adj=Adjutant; Bs=Blacksmith; Bug=Bugler; Capt=Captain; Col=Colonel; Corp=Corporal; Far=Farrier Lt=Lieutenant; Maj=Major; Mus=Musician; Pvt=Private; QM=Quatermaster; Sgt=Sergeant; Wag=Wagoner. Under Co. (Company) "F&S" means "Field and Staff".

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Soldiers Database
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Civil War Soldiers Search
Corrections and notes
Name Co. Name Co.Rank
Adams, Franklin A Adams, Franklin APvtPvt
Adams, George A Adams, George APvtPvt
Adams, Henry T. G Adams, Henry GPvtPvt
Adams, Martin A Adams, Martin APvtPvt
Alsap, Joseph A Alsop, Joseph APvtPvt
Arvis, Wilson A Arvis, Wilson APvtPvt
Atterbury, James C. F Atterberry, James C.FPvtPvt
Austin, Daniel F
Austin, Nathaniel F Austin, Nathaniel FCorpCorp
Austin, Samuel FPvtPvt
Barclay, William R. C Barclay, William R. _PvtPvt
Barcley, Daniel _CorpCorp Probably Barclay
Barnes, Berry _CorpCorp
Barnes, John A. FMusMus
Barnes, Wm. R. _PvtPvt
Beckerddite, Alex F Beckerdite, Alexander_PvtPvt
Beckerdite, John F Beckerdite, John _PvtPvt
Beckner, Aaron _SgtSgt
Beckner, Adam A
Beckner, Edmon L. _PvtPvt
Beckner, Edwrd L. A
Beckner, Eli A Beckner, Eli _CorpCorp
Beckner, Sam A Beckner, Samuel _PvtPvt
Bell, Robert F Bell, Robert _SgtSgt
Benjamin, Coleman G Benjamin, Coleman _PvtPvt
Bennot, Peter F&S Bennet, Peter _QMQM Bennett
Bennett, John C. B Bennett, John C. _PvtPvt The company written on the service card looks like it might be "G". There is also a record for John C. "Banet", Osage Regiment Home Guards, Co. B (McPheeter's Dallas Co. company).
Bennett, Marion F. G Bennett, Marion T. _PvtPvt
Bennett, Moses L. G Bennett, Moses L. _PvtPvt
Bennett, Philip G Bennett, Phillip _PvtPvt
Bennett, Wm. M. _PvtPvt
Bershirs, James A Bershier, James _CorpCorp
Blair, Hiram C Blair, Hyram CPvtPvt
Blankenship, Canaela Blankinship, Canada GPvtPvt Blankenship, Canada
Blankinship, William H.G Blankinship, Wm. H. GPvtPvt Blankenship
Boothe, Madison F Boothe, Madison FPvtPvt
Brown, John A Brown, John _PvtPvt
Brown, Matterson A Brown, Madison _PvtPvt Same person?
Brown, Monroe A Brown, Monroe _PvtPvt
Brown, Richard A Brown, Richard _PvtPvt
Brownfield, George W.A Brownfield, George W_LtLt
Brundige, Corneilus G Brundridge, Cornelius_PvtPvt
Brush, Burrel L. G Brush, Burrell L. _PvtPvt
Burch, Milton G Burch, Milton GLtLt
Burnett, William M. F
Burns, Berry G
Burshiers, Calvin A Burshiers, Calvin APvtPvt Breshears
Calison, Caleb G Calison, Caleb GPvtPvt
Callison, James F Calison, James FPvtPvt
Campbell, John C Campbell, John CPvtPvt
Cannon, George W. F
Chandler, Lorenzo U.APvtPvt
Chandler, Serome L. A
Chapman, Asberry F Chapman, Asberry FSgtSgt
Chapman, Brooklin A Chapman, Brooklin APvtPvt
Chapman, Burton GPvtPvt
Chapman, Elias G Chapman, Ellias GPvtPvt
Chapman, Isaac I. G Chapman, Isaac J. GPvtPvt
Chapman, John A Chapman, John APvtPvt
Chapman, John I. G Chapman, John J. GPvtPvt
Chapman, Samuel L. F Chapman, Samuel Jr. FPvtPvt
Chapman, William G Chapman, William GPvtPvt
Check, Edward A Check, Edward APvtPvt Cheek
Check, Martimore A Check, Mortamore APvtPvt Probably Cheek
Check, James A Cheek, James APvtPvt Cheek
Chirk, James G Cheek, James GCorpCorp Cheek
Chuk, William D. G Cheek, Wm D. GPvtPvt Cheek
Chitty, Lorenzo D. G Chitty, Lorenzo D. GPvtPvt
Clark, Daniel F Clark, Daniel FPvtPvt
Clark, Isaac F Clark, Isaac FPvtPvt
Clark, James K. F Clark, James K. FPvtPvt
Clark, Samuel R. F Clark, Samuel R. FPvtPvt
Clark, William H. F Clark, Wm H. FWagWag
Cline, Isaac P. F Cline, Isaac P. FPvtPvt
Cline, Samuel L. F Cline, Samuel G. FPvtPvt
Coats, Oliver G Coats, Oliver GPvtPvt
Cappelt, James H. G Coffelt, James H. GPvtPvt Coffelt
Coffill, Henry A Coffist, Henry APvtPvt Coffelt?
Coleman, Benjamin G Coleman, Benjamin GPvtPvt
Connor, Solomon B. G Conner, Solomon B. GCorpCorp
Cook, Drury G Cook, Drury GPvtPvt
Congden, John M. C Cowden, John M. CPvtPvt
Cowden, William F. G Cowden, Wm. F. GPvtPvt
Cox, James R. E. G Cox, James R.E. GPvtPvt
Craswell, James H. G Criswell, James H. GPvtPvt Which name is correct?
Creek, John FPvtPvt
Creek, Sanford C Creek, Sanford CPvtPvt
Crowell, Mahew C Crowel, Mayhen CPvtPvt
Dame, John ABugBug
Dame, Pleaisen A Dame, Pleasant APvtPvt Pleasant
Davis, James M. C Davis, James M. CPvtPvt
Davis, Jasper CCorpCorp
Davis, John H. F Davis, John H. FPvtPvt
Davis, William G. F Davis, Wm. G. FPvtPvt
Deer, Felix C Deer, Felix CPvtPvt
Delaflain, George G Deleplain, George GPvtPvt
Delaflain, Solomon G Deleplaine, Solomon GPvtPvt
Dooly, Francis A Dooly, Francis APvtPvt
Dooly, Franklin A Dooly, Franklin APvtPvt
Dooly, Jefferson A Dooly, Jefferson APvtPvt
Drake, Benjamin A Drake, Benjamin APvtPvt
Drake, Jacob Jr F Drake Jr., Jacob FPvtPvt
Drake, Jacob Sr F Drake Sr., Jacob FPvtPvt
Drake, William F Drake, William FPvtPvt
Eberhart, John N. A Eberhart, John N. _SgtSgt
Edginton, James A. G Edington, James A. _PvtPvt
Edwards, Elias W. C Edwards, Elias W. _PvtPvt
Edwards, William B. F&S Edwards, William B. F&SColCol
Edwards, William H. C Edwards, William H. _PvtPvt
Eldridge, Joseph C. G Eldridge, Joseph C. _CaptCapt
Eldridge, Soslomon G Eldridge, Solomon _PvtPvt Solomon
Engle, Eli A Engle, Eli _PvtPvt
Engle, Hiram _CorpCorp
Engle, Jesse A Engle, Jesse _SgtSgt
Engle, Joseph A Engle, Joseph _LtLt
Engle, Philip A Engle, Phillip _CorpCorp
Engle, William A
Evans, Francis M. G Evans, Francis M. _PvtPvt
Evans, Henry F. G Evans, Henry H. _PvtPvt
Evans, Henry Jr A Evens, Jr., Henry _PvtPvt
Evens, Henry F. Sr A Evens, Sr., Henry _PvtPvt
Evens, Marion A Evens, Marcus _PvtPvt
Evans, Richard A Evens, Richard _PvtPvt
Finley, John A Finley, John _PvtPvt
Finley, Joseph A Finley, Joseph _PvtPvt
Finly, Soalin A Finley, Loalain _PvtPvt
Finley, Nathaniel A Finley, Nathaniel _PvtPvt
Finly, Wallace W. A Finley, Wallace W. _SgtSgt
Flanagen, John A Flannagan, John _SgtSgt
Forrester, John S. C Forrester, John S. _PvtPvt
Franklin, John A Franklin, John _PvtPvt
Franklin, Thomas A Franklin, Thomas _CaptCapt
Frizzle, Lawson A. G Frizzel, Lawson A. _PvtPvt
Frizzell, Allen C Frizzell, Alen _PvtPvt
Fullerton, R. M. C Fulerton, Reuben M. _PvtPvt
Fuzzle, Archibald B.F Fuzzle, Archibald B._PvtPvt
Fuzzle, James F Fuzzle, James _PvtPvt
Fuzzle, Pleasant F Fuzzle, Pleasant _PvtPvt
Gammon, Wesley H. _CorpCorp
Gammon, William C Gammon, William _1st Lt1st Lt
Guarver, William W. A Garvan, Wm. W. _PvtPvt Same person?
Gordon, John M. F Gordon, John M. _PvtPvt
Goss, Jesse S. F Goss, Jesse L. _PvtPvt
Goss, Monroe C. F Goss, Monroe C. _PvtPvt
Gregg, John Sr F Gregg, Sr., John _PvtPvt
Gregg, John _CorpCorp
Gregg, Joseph C Gregg, Joseph _PvtPvt
Gregg, Samuel F Gregg, Samuel _PvtPvt
Guin, John A Guist, John _CorpCorp Same person?
Guin, Olmeby A
Guinn, Cornelius A Guinn, Cornelius _PvtPvt
Guinn, William A Guinn, William _PvtPvt
Guire, James W. C Guire, James W. _PvtPvt
Hardison, Eli F Harderson, Eli _PvtPvt
Hardison, Eli C. F Harderson, Eli C. _PvtPvt
Hardison, Ira G. F Harderson, Ira T. _PvtPvt
Harper, John W. _PvtPvt
Haston, Jeremiah W. F Haston, Jeremiah M. _PvtPvt
Haston, John W. F Haston, John W. _PvtPvt
Hatfield, William _CorpCorp
Hayes, Amos B. G Haynes, Amos B. _PvtPvt
Haynes, Jacob C Haynes, Jacob _PvtPvt
Hayes, Isaac G Hays, Isaac _SgtSgt
Hendrickson, John CCorpCorp
Hendrickson, Samuel G Hendrickson, Samuel GPvtPvt
Hensley, Joseph B. A Hensley, Joseph B. APvtPvt
Hensley, Newton A Hensley, Newton APvtPvt
Hensley, William A Hensley, William APvtPvt
Hensly, Joseph A Hensly, Joseph ACorpCorp
Highfill, Robert C. F Highfill, Robert F
Hill, Alex A Hill, Alexander APvtPvt
Hill, Henry A Hill, Henry APvtPvt
Hill, Samuel A Hill, Samuel APvtPvt
Hill, Thomas G Hill, Thomas GPvtPvt
Holbert, David P. F Holbert, David P. FPvtPvt
Holbert, Marion F Holbert, Marcus FPvtPvt
Holbert, William F Holbert, William FPvtPvt
Holden, Eli C. C Holden, Eli C. CPvtPvt
Holland, Alfred G Holland, Alfred GPvtPvt
Holland, Alfred M. G Holland, Alfred M. GPvtPvt
Holland, John G Holland, John GPvtPvt
Holmes, James W. F Holmes, James W. FPvtPvt
Hoover, James G Hoover, James B. GLtLt
Hoover, James W. G Hoover, James W. GCorpCorp
Horton, John M. _PvtPvt
Hovey, Eliezer F&S Hovey, Eliazer F&SLt ColLt Col
Howard, Edward S. A Howard, Edward S. _PvtPvt
Hubbard, Nicholas G Hubbard, Nicholas _PvtPvt
Humphrey, Peter G Humphrey, Peter _PvtPvt
Hurlburt, Marshall G Hurlbut, Marshal _PvtPvt
Hutchison, Thomas F Hutchison, Thomas _PvtPvt
Huder, Alfred T. F Hyder, Alfred T. _PvtPvt Which last name is correct?
Idelott, Samuel C. F Idleott, Samuel C. _PvtPvt
James, Samuel F. A
Johnson, James A Johnson, James _PvtPvt Probably Johnston
Johnson, James F Johnson, James _PvtPvt Possibly same man as in Co. A
Johnson, James M. F Johnson, James M. _PvtPvt Definitely Johnston
Johnson, John F Johnson, John _PvtPvt Probably Johnston
Jones, Alexander G Jones, Alexander _PvtPvt
Jones, Burrel L. G Jones, Burrel T. _PvtPvt
Jones, Samuel G Jones, Samuel _PvtPvt
Jones, Samuel T. _PvtPvt
Kelly, Morgan G Kelly, Morgan GPvtPvt
Kelso, John R. F&S Kelsoe, John R. F&SMajMaj
Lamastus, Johny F
Lanner, Andrew F Larnun, Andrew _SgtSgt
Leepe, Andrew C
Lemastus, Johny _CorpCorp
Lemons, Jason C Lemons, Jason _CaptCapt
Lemons, Lervis F. C Lemons, Lewis S. _PvtPvt
Letterman, Israel G Letterman, Israel _PvtPvt
Sewry, Hugh A. G Lewey, Hugh A. GPvtPvt Lewey aka Lewy
Long, James G Long, James _PvtPvt
Long, James E. C Long, James J. _PvtPvt Same person?
Long, John C. C Long, John C. _PvtPvt
Loven, Marshal G. G Lover, Marshall G. _PvtPvt
Lype, Andrew _WagWag Lipe. 1890 census has "Lemons Com Home Guard", which is Co. C.
Lype, Edward C Lype, Edward _PvtPvt Lipe
Marion, William FCorpCorp
Martin, William R. F Martin, Wm. R. FPvtPvt
Mathews, Enoch S. C Matthews, Enoch S. CPvtPvt
McConnel, John C McConnell, John W. C1st Sgt1st Sgt
McCullock, William G McCullough, Wm GPvtPvt
McDaniels, Hyram C McDaniel, Hiram CPvtPvt
McDonald, Benjamin APvtPvt
McDonald, Joseph A McDonald, Joseph APvtPvt
Megee, John O. F McGee, John O. FPvtPvt McGee
McGee, Solomon M. F McGee, Solomon M. FCorpCorp
McGlason, Robert T. F Probably same as McGlasson/Meglasach, Robert B.
McGlasson, Robert F Meglasach, Robert B.FLtLt Robert McGlason, 1st Lt, per Annual Report of Adjutant General
McNaes, George A McNuir, George APvtPvt Which last name is correct?
Winter, Jacob G Minter, Jacob GWagWag Probably Minter.
Minter, William G Minter, Wm. A. GPvtPvt
Mode, Joseph C Mode, Joseph CPvtPvt
Moore, Berry F. C More, Berry F. CPvtPvt
Moreland, Davis A Moreland, David APvtPvt
Morgan, Josep H. G Morgan, Joseph A. GPvtPvt
Morrison, William F
Morrow, David J. G Morrow, James J. GPvtPvt
Notson, Richard F Natson, Richard _PvtPvt
Nelson, John G Nelson, John _PvtPvt
Nimmo, Isaac M. F Nimmo, Isaac M. _PvtPvt
Nimmo, John F Nimmo, John _PvtPvt
Nimmo, Robert F Nimmo, Robert _PvtPvt
Nimmo, Thomas J. F Nimmo, Thomas J. _PvtPvt
Norman, Samuel C Norman, Samuel CPvtPvt
Norman, William Jr C Norman, Jr., WilliamCPvtPvt
Norman, William Sr C Norman, Sr., WilliamCPvtPvt
Norton, Amos G Norton, Amos GCorpCorp
Norton, William L. G Norton, Wm. S. GPvtPvt
OBannon, George W. FCorpCorp
O'Bannon, John F OBannon, John FPvtPvt
Olenstry, Gusta ACorpCorp
Orris, Andrew J. C Orvis, Andrew CPvtPvt Which last name is correct?
Overturf, Simon C Overturf, Simon CPvtPvt
Paine, Thomas J. CPvtPvt
Pare, Mathew F Pare, Mathew FCaptCapt
Parish, Ezekial A Parish, Ezekiel AFarFar
Patterson, Andrew J.G Patterson, Andrew J.GPvtPvt
Patterson, George W.G Patterson, George W.GPvtPvt
Patterson, James E. G Patterson, James E. GPvtPvt
Patterson, Thomas A Patterson, Thomas APvtPvt
Payton, Norvel C Peyton, Howell CSgtSgt
Pence, David A. G Pearce, David A. G
Phillips, William C.G Phillips, William C.CMusMus
Pierce, Thomas J. F Pierce, Thomas J. _PvtPvt
Popejoy, Alex A Popejoy, Alexander _PvtPvt
Popejoy, Edward A Popejoy, Edward _PvtPvt
Popejoy, William A Popejoy, William _PvtPvt
Powell, Argile F Powell, Argile _PvtPvt
Powell, Benjamin F. F Powell, Benjamin F. _PvtPvt
Powell, Elias G Powell, Elias _PvtPvt
Powell, Gerome H. F Powell, Jerome H. _PvtPvt
Powell, Joseph C. F Powell, Joseph C. _PvtPvt
Praffer, Arnold P. F Proper, Arnold P. _PvtPvt Which last name is correct?
Proctor, William F Proctor, William _PvtPvt
Rains, Stephen C Rains, Stephen CPvtPvt
Randleman, James M. G Randleman, James H. GPvtPvt
Randleman, Joseph G Randleman, Joseph GPvtPvt
Randleman, Martin C Randlowan, Martin CMusMus
Rash, Aaron D. F Rash, Aaron D. FCorpCorp
Rash, Claborn R. F Rash, Clabourne R. FCorpCorp
Rash, John C. F Rash, John C. FSgtSgt
Reaves, Solomon F Reaves, Solomon FPvtPvt
Reeves, William APvtPvt
Reynolds, Edward C Reynolds, Edmond CPvtPvt Which first name is correct?
Reynolds, Robert D. C Reynolds, Reben G. C2nd Lt2nd Lt Rob't. D. Reynolds, 2nd Lt, per Annual Report of Adjutant General
Riggin, John G Riggin, John _PvtPvt
Rivers, William A
Robbins, Martin V. F Robyns, Martin V. _SgtSgt
Robbins, Thomas J. F Robins, Thomas J. _PvtPvt
Robbins, William J. F Robins, Wm. J. _PvtPvt
Rodgers, James S. W.C Rodgers, James S.M. _PvtPvt
Rogers, David L. F Same man as Rogers, David T.
Rogers, David T. F Rogers, David T. FLtLt
Roper, John C. G Roper, John C. GSgtSgt
Routh, John F Routh, John FPvtPvt
Russel, Gilbert F Russell, Gilbert FPvtPvt
Russell, James A Russel, James APvtPvt
Russell, James K. G Russell, James K. GPvtPvt
Saterfeld, Edward W.F Saterfield, Edward H.FPvtPvt
Saterfeld, Lawson T.F Saterfield, Lawson T.FPvtPvt
Saunders, Jeremiah C Saunders, Jeremiah CPvtPvt
Scott, Amos J. C Scott, Anson J. CSgtSgt
Scott, Anthony T. G Scott, Anthony I. GPvtPvt
Scott, James C Scott, James _PvtPvt
Scott, John G Scott, John GPvtPvt
Scott, Levi N. G Scott, Levi N. _PvtPvt
Scott, Thomas F. _CorpCorp
Sedgewick, Varney A.F Sedgwick, Varney A. FPvtPvt 24th MO Inf records have "Barny A."
Self, William J. C Self, William J. CPvtPvt
Sharp, James W. C Sharp, James W. _SgtSgt
Sharp, Joseph C Sharp, Joseph _PvtPvt
Sharp, Robert C Sharp, Robert _PvtPvt
Sharp, Samuel C Sharp, Samuel _PvtPvt
Skaggs, Charles H. C Skaggs, Charles S. _PvtPvt
Skaggs, Waid G. C Skaggs, Ward J. _PvtPvt 1890 Special Census shows a W. T. Skaggs, Co. G.
Slavens, Z. L. F&S Slavens, Z.L. F&SAdjAdj
Smith, Frank A Smith, Frank APvtPvt
Smith, Jesse T. G Smith, Jesse T. GPvtPvt
Smith, John A Smith, John ABugBug
Smith, John F Smith, John FPvtPvt
Smith, John T. GSgtSgt
Smith, Marion A Smith, Marion APvtPvt
Smith, Nehemiah C Smith, Nehemiah CPvtPvt
Smith, William B. F Smith, Wm. B. FPvtPvt
Span, Elias W. C Span, Elias W. CPvtPvt
Stafford, Green A Stafford, Green ABsBs
Stafford, Lewis P. F Stafford, Lewis L. FPvtPvt
Stanly, Harris C Stanley, Harris CPvtPvt Probably Horace Stanley
Standy, Robert R. G Stanley, Robwert R. GSgtSgt Stanley, Robert R.
Stanley, William A. G Stanley, Wm. A. GPvtPvt
Stepp, Gralson F Stepp, Gealson FPvtPvt Stepp, Goalson
Stevenson, Nelson G Stevenson, Wilson GPvtPvt
Strain, Frank A
Strain, John A Strain, John _PvtPvt
Stretch, John F Stretch, John _PvtPvt
Stroud, Charles A. C Stroud, Charles A. _PvtPvt
Sweney, James M. G Sweaney, James M. GPvtPvt Sweaney
Sweang, John J. C Sweaney, John J. CPvtPvt Sweaney
Sweang, Levi C Sweany, Levi J. CPvtPvt Sweaney
Sweney, Andrew A. G Sweany, Andrew R. GPvtPvt Sweaney
Seveny, James G Sweany, James GCorpCorp Sweaney
Sweeney, Malachi M. G Sweeny, Malachi M. GPvtPvt Sweaney
Sweang, William A. C Sweany, William A. CPvtPvt Sweaney
Swift, Hugh CPvtPvt
Swift, Willis H. C Swift, Willis H. CPvtPvt
Taylor, George C Taylor, George _PvtPvt
Taylor, James Z. _
Taylor, Sameul L. G
Taylor, Valentine G Taylor, Valentine _BsBs
Teague, Eswich F Teague, Eswick _PvtPvt
Tibbs, George G Tibbs, George T. _PvtPvt
Tinsley, Isaac F Tinsley, Isaah _PvtPvt
Tinsley, John M. F Tinsly, John M. _PvtPvt
Tinsley, William F Tinsly, William _PvtPvt
Todd, Beckbon G Todd, Becton GPvtPvt
Ussery, Silvester C Ussery, Sylvester CPvtPvt
Vanderford, Asa R. G Vanderford, Ira R. GPvtPvt
Vandeford, Morrow G Vanderford, Monroe GPvtPvt
Ware, Hyrum V. G Ware, Hiram V. GPvtPvt
Watkins, James W. F Watkins, James W. FPvtPvt
Watkins, Joel F Watkins, Joel FPvtPvt
Watkins, John W. F Watkins, John W. _PvtPvt
Watkins, Samuel G Watkins, Samuel _PvtPvt
Welsh, Richard F Welch, Richard FPvtPvt
Welsh, Robert F Welch, Robert FPvtPvt
Welsh, Thomas P. F Welch, Thomas P. FPvtPvt
West, Damelton B. F West, Hamilton B. FCorpCorp
Wust, Hamilton F West, Hamilton FPvtPvt West
West, Zachariah L. G West, Zachariah L. GPvtPvt
Westfall, James W. G Wertfall, James W. GPvtPvt Which name is correct?
White, David C White, David CPvtPvt
White, Elias D. F White, Elias D. FPvtPvt
White, John F White, John FPvtPvt
White, Joseph F White, Joseph FPvtPvt
White, Moses F White, Moses FPvtPvt
White, Peter T. F White, Peter F. FPvtPvt
White, William F White, William FPvtPvt
Wilkerson, Alber H. F Wilkerson, Albert H._PvtPvt
Wilkerson, John W. F Wilkerson, John W. _PvtPvt
Williams, Green A Williams, Green _CorpCorp
Williams, James C Williams, James CPvtPvt
Williams, James F Williams, James FPvtPvt
Williams, John J. G Williams, John J. GBugBug
Williams, Thomas C Williams, Thomas CPvtPvt
Wilson, Isaac A Wilson, Isaac _PvtPvt
Wilson, William A Wilson, William _PvtPvt
Wingo, Francis T. G Wingo, Francis S. _PvtPvt
Wirigo, Jasper F Wingo, Jasper _PvtPvt
Wingo, Wiley J. _MusMus
Wingo, William C. F Wingo, Wm. C. _PvtPvt
Winter, Jacob G Probably Minter, Jacob
Wisner, Miles A Wassner, Miles APvtPvt Which name is correct?
Wood, John S. F Wood, John S. _PvtPvt
Woods, Wilson A Woods, Wilson _PvtPvt

Additional men in the Dallas County Home Guards, contributed by Rick Gregg, based on the 1890 Special Federal Census of Union Veterans & Widows of Veterans of the Civil War:

Name Co. Corrections and notes
Booth, Henry G
Booth, Robert C. B Census record is for Hanna Booth, widow. Company may be wrong, or actually for McPheeter's Dallas Co. Company B, Osage Regiment Home Guards. He was also in Co. C, 26th E.M.M.
Brown, William M. A He was also in Co. C, 26th E.M.M.
Eleox, James R. C May be a mistranscription for James R. E. Cox, Co. G
George, Samuel F Census record says, "4 MO Inf Jun 16, 1861-Sep 1861 Capt Pares Com Dallas Co Home Guard Marsh." He was also in Co. C, 26th E.M.M.
Hendrickson, Hiram   C   He was also in Co. C, 26th E.M.M.
Keefer, Eugene P. G
Mathis, Thomas C Census record says, "discharge lost."
Skaggs, W. T. G Census record says, "discharge lost no record." See Skaggs, Waid and Ward above. Ward Skaggs was also in Co. C, 26th E.M.M.
Stanley, William S. G This may be William A. Stanley, who was in Co. G. However, both William S. and William A. Stanley are listed next to each other in the 1890 census.

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