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The following sections were part of Dallas County until they were given to Webster County when it was formed in 1855.

The Accession/Serial No. links will take you to the Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records, web page for that land patent.

Serial No.
Section Aliquot
Patentee Issue
MO5720__.138 01E1NEBeal, Allen H03/27/1861
MO6060__.102 01W1NEThomas, Alfred R04/17/1899
MO6290__.187 01NENEThomas, William A06/21/1906
MO3230__.368 03W1NWLatimer, Jacob L12/01/1865
MO5330__.473 03NESWLatimer, Samuel01/01/1849
MO5370__.274 03W2NWLatimer, Samuel10/01/1852
MO5370__.379 03SWSEDay, John10/01/1852
MO5400__.199 03E2NWDay, Edward04/15/1853
MO5490__.462 03SESEDay, John05/15/1857
MO5740__.096 03W2NEDay, Edward05/10/1870
MO5740__.258 03NESEDay, John04/01/1871
MO5740__.366 03SWNECallaway, William M04/15/1871
MO5870__.249 03E1NEColeman, Winny08/30/1877
MO5870__.249 03E2NEColeman, Winny08/30/1877
MO5300__.298 042NWJameson, Jehu R04/03/1848
MO5300__.313 042NELatimer, Samuel04/03/1848
MO5330__.144 04SWSWLowder, John01/01/1849
MO5380__.159 04W1NWJameson, Jehu R11/01/1852
MO5300__.415 05SESWHaymes, Caleb04/03/1848
MO5300__.415 05SESWHaymes, Caleb04/03/1848
MO5340__.289 05NESWHaymes, Caleb01/01/1850
MO5490__.320 05SWSWHunt, William H05/15/1857
MO5540__.108 05E1NELowder, John05/15/1857
MO5600__.474 05W2NWKing, John06/01/1859
MO5710__.448 05SWSEHaymes, James M10/01/1860
MO5860__.239 05NWSETippin, John G05/25/1876
MO5870__.093 05ESEArthur, John03/20/1877
MO5910__.086 05W1NEFlat, Aaron07/03/1888
MO5910__.086 05W2NEFlat, Aaron07/03/1888
MO5910__.476 05NWSWStout, William H01/30/1889
MO5920__.356 05E2NEThompson, James H02/17/1890
MO5990__.290 05E1NWBurchfield, Roten10/07/1893
MO5990__.290 05E2NWBurchfield, Roten10/07/1893
MO6140__.314 05W1NWHaymes, James S10/11/1902
MO5390__.389 06W1NEHaymes, William B04/15/1853
MO5300__.415 07N2NWHaymes, Caleb04/03/1848
MO5300__.415 07N2NWHaymes, Caleb04/03/1848
MO5320__.082 07N1SWAlmond, Nathan11/01/1848
MO5330__.098 07SWSEHuff, Peter01/01/1849
MO5330__.098 07SWSEHuff, Peter01/01/1849
MO5650__.321 07SESEClaxton, James11/01/1859
MO5650__.321 07SESEClaxton, James11/01/1859
MO5740__.095 07SESEBurford, B F05/10/1870
MO5820__.428 07S1NWSpain, Mark D02/01/1873
MO5820__.428 07SSWSpain, Mark D02/01/1873
MO5820__.429 07NSEKirk, Michael02/01/1873
MO5830__.046 07N1NWParks, Reuben05/10/1873
MO5830__.046 07WNEParks, Reuben05/10/1873
MO5910__.426 07ENEThompson, James M08/15/1888
MO5300__.425 08SESWTriplett, George04/03/1848
MO5320__.021 08NENEHaymes, Caleb11/01/1848
MO5320__.209 08SWSEHuff, Peter11/01/1848
MO5330__.098 08SWSWHuff, Peter01/01/1849
MO5330__.098 08SWSWHuff, Peter01/01/1849
MO5330__.233 08NWSWKing, Henry01/01/1849
MO5330__.244 08NWSEKing, Henry01/01/1849
MO5330__.257 08NESEMyers, John01/01/1849
MO5380__.336 08SENEHaymes, Caleb11/01/1852
MO5650__.321 08WSWClaxton, James11/01/1859
MO5650__.321 08WSWClaxton, James11/01/1859
MO5920__.073 09NENWRose, Alexander H04/22/1889
MO5920__.073 09SENWRose, Alexander H04/22/1889
MO6120__.327 09SWNWBurchfield, William R12/09/1902
MO5300__.410 11SENWBurford, Philip L04/03/1848
MO5300__.410 11SWNEBurford, Philip L04/03/1848
MO5300__.411 11NSWBurford, Philip L04/03/1848
MO5380__.296 11SSWBurford, Philip L11/01/1852
MO5380__.296 11SENEBurford, Philip L11/01/1852
MO5390__.114 11NENWBurford, David L04/15/1853
MO5390__.114 11WNWBurford, David L04/15/1853
MO5740__.257 11NWNECallaway, Robert L04/01/1871
MO6290__.216 11ESEBurchfield, Roten06/21/1906

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