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The following sections were part of Dallas County until they were given to Webster County when it was formed in 1855.

The Accession/Serial No. links will take you to the Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records, web page for that land patent.

Serial No.
Section Aliquot
Patentee Issue
MO5300__.323 01W2NECowen, James04/03/1848
MO5300__.349 01SESETabor, William K04/03/1848
MO5330__.152 01E2NWSpain, Mark D01/01/1849
MO5400__.122 01NWSEStewart, David04/15/1853
MO5560__.405 011NECowen, James09/01/1858
MO5600__.382 01W1NWAmos, Asbury06/01/1859
MO5700__.190 01E1NWSpain, Mark D08/01/1860
MO5810__.154 01NSWSpain, Rebecca E07/10/1871
MO5810__.154 01SESWSpain, Rebecca E07/10/1871
MO5810__.154 01SWSESpain, Rebecca E07/10/1871
MO5840__.177 01W2NWMcCall, James10/10/1874
MO5880__.293 01E2NEYoung, John H06/30/1879
MO5900__.017 01NESEYoung, Reece01/07/1885
MO5320__.273 02NESEPitts, Richard H11/01/1848
MO5320__.273 02SWSEPitts, Richard H11/01/1848
MO5330__.417 02NWSEPitts, Richard H01/01/1849
MO5330__.417 02SESEPitts, Richard H01/01/1849
MO5330__.451 02NESWPitts, Richard H01/01/1849
MO5400__.398 02E2NESpain, Mark D04/15/1853
MO1150__.292 03SESELove, Thomas C04/25/1898
MO5510__.498 03SSWPrice, Henry L05/15/1857
MO5520__.216 03E1NEDecatur, Orlando D05/15/1857
MO5550__.271 03W1NWHuff, Sarah10/30/1857
MO5590__.203 03WSEPrice, Henry L06/01/1859
MO5600__.378 03NESEDecatur, Orlando06/01/1859
MO5640__.422 03W2NWPrice, William Z06/01/1859
MO5670__.460 03E1NWMiller, George W03/01/1860
MO5840__.095 03NSWStrong, John07/01/1874
MO5850__.023 03SWNEMiller, George W02/15/1875
MO5990__.018 03E2NWMansker, William H03/13/1893
MO6000__.457 03E2NEDecator, Jennetta06/11/1895
MO6000__.457 03E2NEDecator, Orlander06/11/1895
MO6020__.212 03W2NERamey, Lyman L12/18/1896
MO5330__.237 04SWSEPlummer, John01/01/1849
MO5330__.383 04SESEPrice, Charles01/01/1849
MO5330__.383 04SESWPrice, Charles01/01/1849
MO5380__.180 04NWSEPlummer, John11/01/1852
MO5380__.180 04NWSEPlummer, John11/01/1852
MO5380__.226 05SESEMcMinn, Pascal11/01/1852
MO5500__.025 05NSWDerrick, Jonathan05/15/1857
MO5500__.052 05W2NENimmo, Isaac05/15/1857
MO5500__.053 05W1NENimmo, Isaac05/15/1857
MO5730__.283 05NSEMcNabb, Henderson W07/20/1869
MO5740__.493 05E2NWMcNabb, Henderson W01/15/1872
MO5380__.180 09NENWPlummer, John11/01/1852
MO5380__.180 09NENWPlummer, John11/01/1852
MO5400__.364 09NESWHoover, John V04/15/1853
MO5540__.179 09SESWHoover, John V05/15/1857
MO5350__.067 10SWSWPrice, Henry L12/16/1850
MO5330__.137 11NENEStewart, David01/01/1849
MO5330__.384 11SWNEMiller, Francis M01/01/1849
MO5330__.421 11NWNEKelley, Francis M01/01/1849
MO5330__.500 11SESWMiller, Francis M01/01/1849
MO5350__.348 11NESWMiller, Francis M12/16/1850
MO5510__.250 11SWSEMiller, Francis M05/15/1857
MO5800__.135 11SENWHunt, Hugh T03/23/1897
MO5800__.135 11SENWHunt, William M03/23/1897
MO5830__.281 11NWSEHunt, William M08/20/1873
MO5870__.349 11NESEKing, William H01/25/1878
MO5870__.349 11SENEKing, William H01/25/1878
MO5300__.211 12NESWHaymes, William04/03/1848
MO5320__.083 12SENEAlmond, Nathan11/01/1848
MO5320__.389 12SWNWHaynes, William11/01/1848
MO5330__.207 12NENETabor, William K01/01/1849

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