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The Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, May 15, 1902


The most serious tragedy that has occured in our town for many years was enacted on our streets Friday evening, resulting in the death of David M. Chapman at the hands of Robert Frazier. The facts connected with the unfortunate occurrence as we have been able to lear are as follows: The parties have not been friends for a number of years, and have had frequent quarrels. Mr. Frazier has been running a restaurant and eating house on the east side of the square. Some weeks ago during one of their quarrels a fight ensued. Mr. Frazier at that time told Chapman to keep away from his home and thereby avoid further trouble. Since which time Chapman has been less intrusive until Friday evening, which Chapman entered the yard in the rear of Frazier's house. Frazier thereupon ordered him away. Chapman was drinking and insisted upon Frazier drinking with him. This Frazier refused to do. Chapman became angry, but went away and Frazier went to the front of his house and sat down. Shortley afterward Chapman came around and started a quarrel. During the altercation Frazier drew a revolver and shot. The ball struck Chapman in the abdoman, passing through the bowels and lodging near the spinal column. Chapman was taken to the residence of B. Briscoe, where the ball was extracted. Chapman lived until about 11 a.m. Saturday, when he died and was buried Sunday at Macedonia churchyard. Mr. Frazier was arrested and is confined in the county jail to await a preliminary examination which is set for next Saturday. We sincerely regret the occurrence of this unfortunate affair, but recognize the fact that it is one of the dark pictures that crosses the vision and shuts out the light of civilization revealing only the bitter passions of the Human heart.

Notes: The residence of B. Briscoe was Chapman's sister's home. Son of Elias and Mary Chapman, David M. Chapman was born circa 1859, married Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sedgewick, 5 Feb 1892, in Dallas Co., and died 10 May 1902 at Buffalo. Lizzie was born 12 Apr 1872, the daughter of John G. Sedgewick and Anna Laurie Smyth.

The following account of the incident was published in a Webster County, Missouri, newspaper on May 15, 1902, and in a Greene County, Missouri, newspaper Sunday morning, June 1, 1902:

News reached this place Sunday of a killing that took place on the streets of Buffalo Saturday, of last week. Bob Frazier and Dave Chapman, who had been enemies for quite a while, met in Buffalo when trouble was renewed. Chapman slapped Frazier. Then Frazier went away and returned with his revolver and shot Chapman dead.

Contributed by Colleen Oliver.

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