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Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, January 6, 1887

Local Items

Joe E. Flynn is putting up ice.

George Cusic has returned from St. Louis.

J.R. Walsh is thinking about moving his saloon to Bolivar.

C.E Hovey, Dentist; office over C.E. Hovey & Co.'s drug store.

Jack Handley and Miss Jennie Johnson were married at the bride's parents in Arkansas week before last.

The following marriage permits have been granted since our last report: Cyrus C. Atteberry & Nancy A. Cowan, Silas M. Beck & Martha C. Hendrickson, T.C. Chris & Nannie Smith, Harden T. Davidson & Louisa J.M. Engles

Dr. Davidson, father of our townsman, J.N. Davidson, died this week at his residence in Jackson township of dropsy, and was laid to rest in the Bennett graveyard yesterday. He was 67 years of age.

William E. reed, a prominent citizen of Jasper township, suffered an attack of palsy Sunday, and died on Sunday morning, aged about 65 years.

Jacob Drake and wife of this city have adopted the little 9-month old child of Marion Routh, of Jackson township. The deed of adoption was executed and delivered Tuesday.

Calvin Thompson having settled up the estate of his late brother Charley Thompson, this morning exhumed his remains at Macedonia and departed for Ostrander, Ohio, where they will be re-interred. He was accompanied by the bereaved wife & child.

Mrs. Mary Hale, relict of the late Francis Hale, died at her home in Urbana last Tuesday night of that dread disease cancer. She leaves eight surviving children, all citizens of this county except two, Mrs. C.S. Beagle, of Bolivar and James Hale of Kansas. Her remains were put to rest in the cemetery at Louisburg today.

Andy Johnson, deputy U.S. Marshal, of Marshfield, was shot and seriously wounded by on Gardner Cunningham on the public square at that lace on December 26.

A little son of John Shepherd, living four miles east of Long Lane, was fatally scalded by accidentally falling into a kettle of boiling lard last week. He was taken out as soon as discovered and a doctor summoned, who did all he could to relieve the little sufferer, but death put and end to his suffering on Thursday.

Died on the 25th day of December 1866, Amanda Isabelle Bottoms aged 23 years, 9 months, and 16 days. Mrs. Bottoms was the daughter of John A. Arnold of this county. She was married to Mr. T.L. Bottoms in the spring of 1883 and leaves a husband and one child to mourn their loss

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, January 20, 1887

Local Items

J.M.W. Hicks is building a substantial frame dwelling on his farm on and a half miles northwest of town. Peter Hufft & son J.L. are doing the work.

A little child of Mr. Mason, living near Legan's Mill on Doosenbury, died last week of whooping cough & pneumonia fever. His oldest son is also laid up with measles.

G.W. Bennett, living in the northeast part of the county, died Friday of Typhoid fever, aged 25 years. He left a wife and one child.

A.M. Callaway, who is under indictment at Marshfield for the embezzlement of $11,000 in connection with the Webster county bank failure, was captured at Osage City, Kansas, last Tuesday.

The following marriage permits have been granted by Recorder O'Bannon since our last: William Stoops & Malissa E. Rowland, Joseph D. Huckaby & Martha P. Shaw.

The infant child of John Lemmon, of Jasper Township, died last Thursday.

C.S. Finley shipped a carload of hogs to St. Louis market this week.

Walter Emery, living four miles north of town, died yesterday morning of dropsy of the heart, aged 77 years.

A.B. Bennett, a superannuated old gentleman of Jasper township, is lying very low with pneumonia fever, and but little hope is entertained for his recovery.

James A. Sharp and Mrs. Sarah M. Randles, mother of our townsman, J. L. Randles, were married last Sunday at the residence of the bride in Jackson township.

Born to F.M. Self and wife, a ten pound boy.

T.M. Brown building a new fence and otherwise improving his property in southwest Buffalo.

Judge James M. Jones of Bolivar was in town last week visiting his son, Dr. Jones.

"Jockey" Armstrong, of Lebanon, is attempting to perform the impossible task of devouring thirty quails in thirty consecutive days.

Sad Cutting Affray

On last Friday night quite a sad affair took place at the meeting of the Prairie View Literary Society, some five miles south of town, in which Elbert Cofer received a bad wound about four inches deep in the back between the shoulders by a knife in the hands of Jim Jones, who lives in the neighborhood. From reports received at this office, it appears that Jones, John Morrow and others had taken more bad whiskey than their constitutions would bear, and on going to the literary, instead of going into the house, remained on the outside annoying the inmates and eventually breaking a window and knocking in the door. At this juncture Mr. Elias Cox & Eb Cofer went outside to acertain who the offending parties were, when Cofer & Morrow became involved in a fisticuffs when Jim Jones ran up and stabbed Cofer in the back. The wound not necessarily dangerous, is getting along as well as could be expected under the care of Dr. Gatewood. Morrow was arrested on Saturday morning by Deputy Vanhorn & W.A. Plummer, was taken before Squire Ritchie and pleaded guilty of disturbing the peace and was fined $3 and costs. Jones is still at large, but will doubtlessly be apprehended, as out officers are on the lookout for him. Thomas Cox Jr. is also "hiding out", from which it is supposed he took part in ...

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, January 27, 1887

Local Items

Harvey Morrow & T.L. Bottoms returned from Jefferson City Tuesday.

J.J. Park is again on the sick list.

Frank W. McCabe is enjoying a visit from his sister, an accomplished young lady from Bolivar.

Born January 25th to S.H. Russel and wife a daughter.

We are glad to say the M.L. Reynolds, who has been confined to his bed for some time with chills and fever is recovering.

Thomas Hardison on Monday received a pension of $1219.33 on account of chronic sore eyes contracted during service in the late rebellion.

Licenses to marry have been issued to: George S. Lemon & Elizabeth Williamson, also to J.T. Henderson & Lillie Barnhart.

J.M. Williamson has sold his farm on Greasy, five miles south of Buffalo to Mr. John Watkins. Consideration $1,200.

J.T. Pendleton was summoned to Hickory county on Tuesday, to see his father, who is reported to be dangerously sick with pneumonia fever.

Attorneys O.H. Scott & J.F. Dodson went down to Jasper township Tuesday as counsel in an assault and battery case before Esq. Miser.

James Breshears, formerly of this county died at his home in North Springfield on the 17th, of lung fever and was buried at the Wollard graveyard in Washington township on Wednesday of last week.

Bolivar was all torn up over the arrest of C.L. Curtis, a prominent grocer of that place, on the charge of lewd and lascivious conduct toward a nine year old daughter of Wm. M. Simpson. Since his arrest a number of charges of the same character have been preferred against him.

Mrs. E.C. Bradley, of this county, who has been visiting her son J.C. Bradley, in Jasper county, the past two months, has returned home yesterday.

Buried at Benton Branch graveyard, on the 20th of this month, the wife of Barum Hildebrand, daughter of G.W. Scott, of Jasper township aged 33 years. She left five children.

Died January 20th, Widow Chapman of Jasper township.

Born, January 16th, to J.A. Sturdevant & wife, a 12 pound boy, father and child doing well.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, March 10, 1887

J.W. Bone will probably take charge of S.C. (sic C.S.) Finley & Co.'s new drug store at long Lane as soon as it is completed.

Rev. Hitson has moved onto his farm recently purchased of T.M. Brown

J.D. & G. Bundridge are putting up a still on the former's farm.

Rev. John Stinecipher has been chosen pastor of the church, Rev. Hitson having retired.

Samuel Jones, sr., is having quite a fine piece of new ground cleared up this spring.

Wife of William Davis died March 18, 1891

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, March 17, 1887

Local Items

G. Austin and wife, of Bolivar were the guests of W, Hunt on Friday and Saturday.

J.L. Randles is renovating his new purchase, the Buffalo House. J.B. Hitchcock, of Camden, is doing the carpentry work.

Miss Zona Cox left the first of the week for Bolivar, where she has been employed to ply the needle for Mrs. B.F. Wilson.

Charley Kiefer and family have moved to town and are now occupying R.A. Booth's tenant house in the northwest part of town. He is clerking for Behrens & Bro.

J.P. Brownlow has bought of S.R. Pittman the baseball lot, in the southwest part of town, and will erect thereon the Baptist church parsonage. Consideration $300.

Elijah Stevens and Jessee Medly were brought before Esq. Richey on March 11th on a charge of petit larceny and pled guilty and were fined $25 and trimmings and in default of payment were sent up for ten days.

The following marriage permits have been granted since out last report: James S. Tuckness & Mary J. Bennet, Willis A. Nimon & Cinderella Lamon, Frank T. looney & Mary Montgomery, C.A. Paxton & Minerva E. Evans, J.A. Marshall &Kate Polly, W.J. Maddux & Laura Nichols, J.C. Kerus & Louisa E. Emery, O.C. Moore & Amanda A. Seaton.

R.A. Booth and Robert Ramsey have formed a partnership and embarked in the lightening rod business. These young gentlemen ... were both born and raised in Dallas County.

Mrs. W.J. Vanhorn visiting her parents in Springfield.

Mrs. Addie Morrow returned last week from a weeks visit with her mother in Bolivar.

J.B. Carson has moved into the property lately built by R.C. Edmisson on West Pine Street.

Positively no liquor sold at the City Drug Store except for medicinal use and on prescription at that.

C.S. Finley & Co. are bound to reduce their large stock of drugs and will give some unprecedented bargains for the next 30 days. Call and be convinced.

James Gammom and Mort Ramsey left her Sunday to try the realities of the wild west. Mrs. Cummings accompanied them to Springfield, where she boarded the Gulf train for her mother's in Arkansas.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, April 7, 1887

Mrs John Coffelt died last Friday of perpetual fever at her residence 5 miles southwest of Buffalo.

Death of John Rowland

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, April 14, 1887

L.W. Stogsdill, of Miller township, died March 27th.

James McCain died at 11 o'clock yesterday at his residence five miles north west of this place of heart disease. He was 57 years of age being born in Dallas county in the year of 1830 and leaves a wife and several children.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, May 19, 1887

Startling Suicide

Just before going to press the city was thrown into a fever of excitement by the report of the suicide of the notorious character, Madame Blevin, who had just been fined $50 and costs in the mayor's court on a charge of general lewdness. The deceased was in charge of Marshal Manchester on their way to the calaboose at about 1 o'clock when immediately in front of the goal the madame slyly abstracted a revolver from her pocket and placing the muzzle to her left breast pulled the trigger and immediately fell dead. The marshal's attention was momentarily called away before the shooting but the movement of the madame's arm attracted his attention just in time to catch a glimpse of the revolver but not in time to divert the course of the leaden messenger. The bullet entered the left breast near the nipple and passed directly through the heart, causing instantaneous death. Lebanon Sentinel

A Suicide

The quiet neighborhood of Brush Creek was thrown into a fever of excitement on Sunday afternoon last by the report that Samuel A. Jones and eighteen year old son of Sam Jones, had committed suicide by shooting himself through the left breast with a shot gun charged with powder and leaden slugs. The young man was visiting his uncle, Isam Jones, on the Old Henry Rogers farm. During the forenoon the young Jones had threatened to kill himself, alleging as a cause that "people had been lying on him". ...

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, June 23, 1887

Local Items

W.L. Morrow is enjoying a visit from his brother, Lafayete Morrow and wife, of Tulare county, California, whom he has not seen for nearly twenty-nine years.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Humphry have a fine young son. Mother and son are getting along nicely, but it is reported that Henry is beyond recovery.

R.A. Booth is preparing to build a dwelling on his lot near city cemetery.

Thad S. Evans and Miss Zonie Cox, daughter of Thos. Cox, living three miles south of this place were married on the twelfth instant.

J.F. Dodson last week traded his residence property in the west confines of town to Collector Rush for a block in Golden City, Barton county. Mr Rush also bought two a half acres of the adjoining land from O.H. Scott

A great deal of sickness is reported from all parts of the county, principally from flux.

Geo. T. Edmisson was summoned as a witness on the celebrated Landis case.

The 6-month old child of O.N. meade of Washington township died last Sunday of whooping cough.

A little child of Mr. Waller, living east of town has been seriously ill for some days but is improving.

John E. Rains, an old and highly respected citizen of Bolivar died in his home in that place last Friday.

Miss Lizzie Morrow returned from Bolivar last Sunday accompanied by her best boy, A.A. Mitchell, the handsome young treasurer of Polk County.

C.S. Finley & Co. have sold their drug store on the west side to C. E. Hovey & F.C. Wilson, and will give possession the 1st of July.

Cholera and infantum and dysentery are very prevalent in this section due largely, we suppose, to the hot dry weather and the abundant crop of cherries.

Nathaniel A. Dorman, of Fairgrove, and Miss Allie McGee, of Jackson township were licensed to wed on Tuesday.

M.G. Lovan and Jacob Drake, who have been prospecting in California for the past month, returned home Tuesday.

I.N. Laws, who was confined in the Marshfield jail for stealing his neighbor's meat, escaped through a hole that had been cut in the floor on Sunday evening and has not been heard from since.

A little child of Mr. Chinn, living on the Cherry farm, four miles west of town, died last Sunday.

Maxwell the chloroformer of his friend Preller has been doomed to die on August 12.

Mrs. Reynolds has been quite sick for several days, but was reported better yesterday.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, August 4, 1887

Local Items

Nathaniel Finley and family were visiting in Springfield last week.

Mrs. Knife, living near Lead Mine, died Sunday night of pneumonia fever. Age 55 years old.

A child of W. Tinsley; jr. three miles northwest of this place died last Saturday and was buried at Buffalo Sunday.

W.G. Robertson was quite sick Tuesday.

Jesse Hindricks was on the sick list the first of this week.

A child of Price McPheters,living near Louisburg, died last Monday.

The little child of Lafayette Scott, living near Leadmine, died last Tuesday.

The youngest child of John S. Haymes died Wednesday of spinal meningitis.

Judge Haymes and wife, of Conway, are in town, called her by the sickness of John S. Haymes child.

The industrious workman C.I. Curtice went to Marshfield last week, returning Saturday.

It is reported that in some parts of the county there will not be more than half a corn crop.

Sheriff Delaplain returned from Fairplay Friday, having in charge Simon Poorman, arrested for burglary.

Rev. Proctor will attend the camp meeting, which begins August 19, at the Mayfield camp-ground in Laclede.

While Pic-nicing on the Niangua last week Frank McCabe fell out of a swing and hurt his foot, but not very seriously.

Several days ago Purd Fowler was arrested on the charge of stealing a horse from his uncle, Mr. Anderson. His trial was set for Saturday the 30th, but the prosecuting witness failing to appear, the case was dismissed.

M.V. Combs died at his home two miles north of Urbana last Thursday morning of pneumonia, after an illness of three weeks. He leaves a wife and four small children, two boys and two girls. He was a member of Urbana I.O.O.F. under whose direction he will be buried.

William L. Morrow bought the B.F. Mellenry property last week; consideration $400, besides incumbrances and widow's dowery which amount to about $600.

Rev Moses Anderson of this place will deliver an address to the Missionary Society at Bolivar next Sunday.

John S. Burns arrested Dr. J.E. Carter of Louisburg, a few days ago on the charge of selling liquor without a government license.

Sheridan McPheters left his home Tuesday night and has not yet returned. He has probably taken the advice that was given to all young men. Viz: Go west, young man, go west.

Attorney General Boone in giving his opinion on the local optain law says that under that law the druggist will be allowed to sell only pure alcohol for mechanical and medicinal purposes. Other liquors cannot be sold or given away for any purpose whatever.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, August 25, 1887

Dr. Young has moved in from Wright county and has decided to locate permanently in Buffalo.

W.R. Self who has been attending school at Valparaiso, Indiana, returned home last week. He will teach in the public schools at this place.

Tom Morrow, of Springfield had his jaw broken by being struck by a foul ball, while umpiring a game the other day.

Theodore Farrer, a well known citizen of Dallas county, died at his home eight miles southwest of town, last Monday.

Mrs. Sturgeon, who is at Springfield visiting relatives, is seriously sick.

Frank Graham and S.S. Lunday went to Conway the first of the week where they have a contract to build a grist mill for Uncle Jimmie Logan.

Geo. T. Tibbs returned Monday from a prospecting tour through Kansas. Men who take such a trip always return satisfied with Dallas County.

Crete Orr, of Hickory county, was in town first of the week visiting his relatives, the family of A.S. Stanly.

Born to Pres. Yates and wife, August 11th, as son, weight 9 pounds.

John T. Morgan has sold his house and lot on east Main to John Logan. Consideration $300.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Burns arrested George Greathouse and Benj. Patten last week for cutting timber on government land.

Died of Typhoid fever, at his home in the south part of this county, August 12, 1887, William James Mitchell. Deceased was a son of Rev. G.B. Mitchell; was born in Lawrence county Tennessee, February 7, 1844; joined the Baptist church in 1860 and was married to Miss Margaret A. Highfill December 14, 1865, who with four children survived him.

Buffalo Reflex, October 6, 1887
(reprinted from the Bolivar Herald in Polk Co.)

An eloping couple from Dallas Co. arrived here Tuesday night. John T. Eldridge wooed Fidela Cofer. Fidela would but her parents wouldn't, and kept watch of their daughter. Faithful Fidela proved true to her name and to John, and Tuesday evening while domestic affairs claimed parental attention, departed quietly from home and met her lover, who was in waiting, and proudly bore her away, in true Lochinvar 1 style, behind him, on his horse. They first went to Eldridge's home and then started to the Nation via Bolivar. Finding opposition useless Mr. Cofer sensibly gave in and dispatched Ed Schofield after the couple, with a paper authorizing the issue of a license. Schofield overtook them at Bolivar and the marriage was duly solemnized, Rev. Harris officiating.
Bolivar Herald.

1. From the Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary:
Loch-in-vär', n. the hero of a ballad in Scott's Marmion, who boldly rides off with his sweetheart just as she is about to be married to another.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, October 13, 1887

James Cox lost a valuable horse last week.

We are sorry to lose our countryman, W.J. Burns, who has moved to Buffalo. Wes is a good teacher and an enterprising farmer, and will be an important accession to your town.

Tully Weeks has sold his possession of the John Lemmon farm to a Mr. Burton, of Barton County, who will be cordially welcomed by this community.

Daniel Lindsey has sold his farm northeast of town to Dr. Padgett.

Newton Holt has sold his farm on Lindly to Daniel Lindsey.

N.V. March and family started for their new home in Monet, this state, on the 6th. His many friends wish him success and prosperity.

Elias Padgett, father of Dr. J.W. Padgett has rented his farm in Kansas and returned to Louisburg, and intends remaining. Says Dallas county is good enough for him.

Jacob Rathburn, our blacksmith, has moved his family to Cedar county, where they intend making their home in the future.

Born October 4th, to T.A. King and wife, a 9 pound boy.

G.L. Davis has finished a large barn on East Main street.

Last Monday at Springfield Mo. Miss Ella Wilkerson was married to M.M. Miller, both of Buffalo. Mr. Miller is the editor for the Dallas county Democrat and has been a citizen of Buffalo since September.


Last Monday afternoon the wife of Michael Quinn, living in Greene township, committed suicide by hanging herself to the limb of a tree near her home. About noon she went to a neighbor's and not returning her husband searched for her, finding her body as stated. Quinn came toBolivar some two years ago and worked his trade of blacksmithing sometime. About a year ago he bought a small farm from A.Y. Brandenburg, and removed to it where he has since resided.
Bolivar Herald.

Al Skinner, who has been in Nebraska for several months, returned to Buffalo, Monday, accompanied by a Mr. Mossbarger, who comes to Dallas county with a probability of making it his home.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, November 10, 1887

Local Items

Edmund Powell has sold his house and lot on Popular street to C.S. Finley.

Wm. Harris has severed his connection with J.E. Flynn and will run a bakery for himself.

Levi Engle and wife will occupy their new dwelling, on half mile west of town, by the last of this week.

J.M Anderson has been down on the White River for a week or two recuperating his health.

W.B. Davis, accompanied by Dr. Weaver, came over the first of the week to see his brother, John Davis.

J.H. Foster returned Sunday from Peitis county, accompanied by his son Charles, who had been visiting his grandma near Sedalia.

The funeral of Mrs. Robert Welch will be preached at Boyd the fourth Sunday in this month.

Burr H. Emerson, late circuit judge of this district, died at his home one mile east of Bolivar, on Monday night of last week, aged 84 years.

F.S. Fuller, one of the publishers of the Sycamore Enterprise, has skipped the country to avoid being arrested on the charge of procuring money under false pretenses.

Prairie View

W.R. Means will move to his farm on Niangua this week.

Miss Sabre Johnson, who has been quite sick for the past few days, is convalescent.

Tully Weeks removed to his farm on Greasy last week.

W.D. Cheek took several head of beef cattle to Springfield last week.

James Cheek, Jr. lost a good horse last Thursday.

Mr. Siagel, of Pleasant Hope, is moving to R.J. Fullerton's farm this week.

Mrs. P.R. Kelly, of Springfield, is visiting her mother Mrs. Frankie Hendrickson.

Jackson Township

Six of Thomas Patterson's children are sick with slow fever. Two of them are very low.

The funeral of the late Elder J.H. Highfill will be preached at Mount Olive church Sunday, November 13th at 11 a.m.

William Teeple, whose parents reside in this township, died yesterday at the Ozark hotel in Springfield, and was buried at the Hodge Graveyard in Greene county today.

Jasper McMillian, who fell off of a building while fastening the plates on and got very badly hurt, almost breaking his back, is up again, but not without the assistance of a pair of crutches.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, December 1, 1887

Local Items

John Hicks gets around pretty lively with his new cork leg

Born November 26th to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Keifer, a daughter.

C.S. Finley returned from St. Louis Sunday and reports a very profitable trip.

Jonnie Sloan, stepson of Thomas Booth of Louisburg, died last Saturday of Typhoid.

G.W. Kellogg returned last week from Western Kansas where he has homesteaded some land.

W. Hunt has been confined to the house for several days on account of an injured foot, occasioned about a week ago by stepping on a nail.

W.Y. Knighten returned last week from Dixie, Arkansas, where he has been on a visit to friends and relatives.

A. Proper proved himself innocent of the charge which was made against him at Pleasant Hope last week.

Mrs. A.A. Ramsey will please accept our thanks for a share of cake served at the wedding supper of her son Charles Ramsay, of Humansville.

The article from the Buffalo Reflex, October 6, 1887, was submitted by Helen Eldridge. See also her photo of John T. Jr. and Fidela Jane (Cofer) Eldridge.
The rest were submitted by Cindy Alvarez.

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