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Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, January 13, 1889

Uncle Jim Cheek was in town

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, February 7, 1889

High School Report of Grade A - Teacher Miss Hardy

Finley, Vinna Dept 95 Sch'p 85
Finley Carrie Dept 91

Flint Ridge School

James Cheek Class A

Little daughter of Ben Meyers, near halfway, died Wednesday night of throat trouble

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, February 14, 1889

An Unfortunate Recognition

The minister's wife sat on the front porch mending the clothes of one of her numerous progeny. A neighbor passing stopped in for a social chat.

A large work basket, half full of buttons, sat on the floor of the porch. After various remarks of a gossip nature the visitor said:

"You seem to be well supplied with buttons Mrs. Goodman."
"Yes; very well indeed."
"My gracious! If there ain't two of the same buttons my husband had on his last winter's suit. I'd know 'em anywhere."
"Indeed?" said the minister's wife, calmly. "I am surprised to hear it as all of these buttons were found in the contribution box. So I thought I might as well put some of them to use, so I----what! Must you go? Well, be sure to call again."

West Point Alliance

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, February 28, 1889

Invasion of whites into Indian Territory. One article said: A lot of whites, called "Boomers" were intruding/squatting on Indian land in Oklahoma. The Chiefs lobbied Washington to do something about it. The soldiers at Fort Reno started putting the whites out. People must have been leaving Dallas Co at that time to go to Oklahoma.

And then on May 9, 1899 this: Oklahoma has gone dead & Dallas Co. prodigals are fast returning sadder but wiser.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, March 7, 1889

John Randles and Frankie Cornelius married.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, March 14, 1899

WW Finley placed the old reliable under renewed obligations this week. We can't take care of the school children in the schoolhouse that we have now.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, March 21, 1889

John Finley died at the residence of his father, C. S. Finley, 4 miles East of Buffalo, March 16, 1889. He was a young man of steady habits & business qualifications and was taken away in springtime of his life being only aged 20y 9m. He leaves a wife & host of relatives to mourn his untimely departure.

Baptist convention of 14 churches. W. D. Cheek represented Macedonia.

Proposed loan of $5000 for new school building.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, March 28, 1899

Son of Joseph & Mary Dugan died a few days ago of fever.

Popular Children's games: Sour Grapes & Possum Pi.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, April 4, 1899

An Imperfect Job

Dot was a bright-eyed, flaxen-haired little country girl, and not accustomed to seeing the now prevailing style of short hair as worn by the gentlemen, so when her big sister's lover came out for a visit his closely clipped hair attracted the little ones attention. While the two lovers were enjoying a quiet tete-a-tete the little girl climbed up where the couple were seated and began cautiously rubbing her hand "against the grain" of the short hair on the back of the young man's neck. Finally her thoughtful little face lighted up as if she has satisfactorily solved a difficult problem and she remarked: "Oh better do back to town and det the pin-feathers tooked out".
Chicago Herald

Infant child of George West was buried in the Buffalo Cemetery.

Rev. W. D. Cheek is building a neat residence, which adds much to the beauty of his farm.

Married last Sunday, at the bride's parents Miss Belle Cheek to Reener Childress.

Joe Bone will attend school at Buffalo this spring.

Uncle John Gregg will start to Oklahoma the first of May.

Chas. Renfrow, charged with stealing goods from the store of J.C. Ball, of Long Lane, last Friday, was captured by J.W. Holman & James Cotland four miles this side of Cross Timbers, Hickory county. He acknowledges the theft.

Mrs. M.M. Miller of Larimore, Dakota, is home on a visit to her parents, Mr. & Mrs. R. Wilkinson. Mr. Miller established the Democrat at this place and is well and favorably known to the citizens of Dallas county.

Sherman Easton and James Williams are putting back the fence that was washed away by the recent high water.

High School Report: Dept. 97 Sch'p 85

Will Finley
Vinnie Finley

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, April 11, 1889

Don't be in a hurry to change your location Dallas Co. is not a bad place to live. It is a little hard here now as there is nothing to sell. We will have a crop this year and then everything will be lively again.

Friday morning, March 29, 1889, Lucy Pippin, wife of John M. Pippin, died of pneumonia fever. She left behind her husband and six children.

Mrs. Edington died April 7, 1889. She was buried at Antioch Cemetery beside her husband.

Rebecca Jenkins, wife of Thomas Jenkins died of pneumonia April 1, 1889. Her daughter Mamie Jenkins died of same on March 26, 1889.

Boomers still invading Indian Territory. The soldiers at Fort Scott are putting them out.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, April 25, 1889

Rebecca M. Engle died.

Cocaine is now about $6.75 to $7.00 and ounce. When it first came out it was $300.00 or $400.00 an ounce.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, May 9, 1889

Oklahoma has gone dead and Dallas Co. prodigals are fast returning, sadder but wiser.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, May 16, 1889

Bald Knobbers executed at Ozark. They were hanged. The rope broke on Mathews and he was taken back onto the scaffold and re-hanged.

Infant child of John Mashburn died on Sunday May 12, 1889.

Marion Vangilden from Ohio, married Miss Jennie Farrer.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, May 23, 1889

Joe Brownlow married Bertha Hardy at the residence of the bride's father H. C. Lovan.

James Esra som-in-law of S.G. Ball died. He leaves a wife and child.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, June 6, 1889

William P. Hanby died Wednesday night, May 15, 1889.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, June 13, 1889

Mrs. R.W. Summers died Sunday morning after a prolonged illness. She leaves behind a husband & several grown children.

Hannah Summers died at home 3 miles south of Halfway, Polk Co., MO. on June 9, 1889. She was 58y 3m 2d old. She was born in Burbon Co., Kentucky.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, June 27, 1889


The house of Peter Looney, in Jasper township, was broken into last Saturday night and over $100 in money stolen. Mr. Looney had been to town that day and cashed a pension check and when he reached home put it all in a trunk but 7 or 8 dollars in silver, which he kept in his pocket. Just after dark the door was broken in and the trunk was jerked out into the yard, on of the robbers running to the bed grabbed Mr. Looney's pants. The robbers then started to run with the trunk and pants: they took the pocket book out of his pants and threw them on the fence by the gate and the next morning the trunk was found a short distance from the house with the hinges pried off and everything left but the money. The villain burned up his deeds and valuable papers to make light while searching his trunk. It is evidently the work of parties well acquainted with the arrangements of the house as they had no trouble finding what they wanted and the whole thing was accomplished in less time than it takes to tell it. There is no clue to the perpetrators of the deed and this is the first theft in that neighborhood.

A little son of Mr. And Mrs. Frank George departed this life Jun 15, 1889. He was taken Friday morning with spasms and died after an illness of about 24 hours. Mr. George is in Idaho, where he went last spring, thus Mrs. George is comparatively alone in her great bereavement, but she has the heartfelt sympathy of the community in which she lives.

E. Montgomery, son of Sarah Montgomery worked for the Gulf Rail Road. He jumped form the train and broke his neck.

Wade Welsh is the happy recipient of a 11 pound baby. Mother and baby both doing well.

John T. Pendleton reports a new deputy clerk. He is a lively young fellow and weighs 11 pounds.

Miss Mollie Hazlett, of St. Louis is making her brother James Hazlett of this place, a visit this week.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, July 4, 1889

Nancy Canada dies, 68 years old, wife of A. J. Canada.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, July 11, 1889

William Chapman married Minerva Dugan at her father's residence.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, July 18, 1889

Sole Finley & Frank Wilson are buying sheep.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, August 1, 1889


Rev W. D. Cheek has been quite sick for the past few days.

Mrs. James Cheek Sr. has been quite poorly for sometime.

Death of Frank Wingo.

James G. White & Mary E. Murry were married at the residence of the brides father Sunday July 28, 1889.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, August 8, 1889

Frankie, infant son of James & Martha Dorster died at Louisburg July 30, 1889.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, August 29, 1889

Sole Finley & Jim Randles are buying stock of all kinds.

Noah Bray died last Monday.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, September 5, 1889

Mollie Hale died August 28, 1889 37y 6m 28d.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, September 19, 1889

Rev. W.D. Cheek lost a good milk cow due to eating too much green corn.

Uncle Jim Cheek has been shaking with Ague for several days.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, October 10, 1889

Billy Cheek shaking with Ague for some time.

Sole Finley & James Randles were around Tilden last week buying cattle & sheep.

Buffalo continues to improve & will eventually be a good town Rail Road or no Rail Road.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, December 18, 1889

Mark Kern, a well known farmer, residing three miles east of halfway, on the Buffalo road, committed suicide by hanging, Tuesday morning, Dec 3d. No adequate cause is assigned for the deed, but it is supposed to be the result of temporary insanity. Kern a native of Germany, immigrated to Pennsylvania where he was married. He afterward moved to Indiana and in 1867 came to Dallas county.(Long story about Mr. Kern believing that he had made a bad horse trade.)

SC Finley shipped a carload of cattle to the St. Louis market last week.

Dan Morrison and lady lost their infant last Thursday. Cause something like spinal meningitis.

Jacob Pilse Jr. who has been gone to Arkansas for three years has made his way back to this part of the country again.

The news came to this place this morning that F.A. Keith was dying. He has been sick with fever for 26 days.

James Keith who has had the fever is considered better, being able to sit up about half the time.

Submitted by Cindy Alvarez.

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