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Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, January 2, 1890


Wall Finley & family of Crane Hill were visiting friends in this vicinity last week.

David Cooksey has moved down on the classic Niangua

W. M Cooksey is making things fly in the way of clearing and building

Annie Lee the little 5-year old daughter of J. A Childers, has been quite sick for several days.

This vicinity was shocked Christmas by the marriage of A. H. Gregg to Miss Ella Bundride, neither of their parents knowing anything of the affair until it was over.

John B. Jones, his sister Sarah, and brother Samuel and family departed Friday for Douglas County.

Rev. David Hitson will move into our community this week.

Ben Hembree & family are spending the holidays in Arkansas

Local News

Born December 28, 1889, to J.H. Smith & wife, a son.

Born December 31, 1889 to John Brownlow & wife a son.

T.M. Brown's new dwelling in the northwest part of town is nearing completion.

J.W. Roberts is wielding the razor ans sissors in the absence of T.S. Williamson.

Albert Harris, who has been employed in a bakery at Van Buren, Arkansas for the past year, is at home.

T.S. Williamson and his wife are off visiting old friends at Fairfield, Benton County.

Miss Mary Hazlett, of Hot Springs Arkansas is in the city visiting her brother Postmaster Hazlett.

T.D. Harris, one of Washington Township's prosperous farmers was in the city Tuesday and called on the REFLEX.

Rev. Turner, of the Free Will Baptist Church, preached the funeral of the late Silas Dillion, at the Bower Chapel, in Grant Township, Sunday.

C.C Haggard, an old resident of Webster Co., was thrown from his horse last Saturday evening and his foot hanging in the stirrup he was dragged a long distance over a rough road receiving injuries from which he died.

Bennett Mills

Warren Davidson & Miss Rachel Dame, daughter of P.C. Dame, were married Christmas day, in the presence of a large crowd of people.

Clayton Jennings killed a man named Carter Knight Christmas Eve night. The murder took place at a dance in Laclede County.

Prairie Grove

Miss Martha Ross & her brother are visiting their brother, Jack Ross

Cutting Affray

Last Monday afternoon about 4 o'clock, Warren Hunt, one of Dallas County's oldest and best known citizens, and a resident of Buffalo for the past several years, was severely stabbed just below the heart, while engaged in an affray with C.S. Finley & F. C. Wilson, who are also prominent citizens and stock dealers. The trouble originated over a dispute in regard to the accuracy of Hunt's stock scales, upon which Finley and Wilson were weighing some hogs. A warrant was sworn out, charging the latter named parties with assault with intent to commit murder, and they were place under bind of $1,000 each to appear for examination before Squire Richey tomorrow (Friday). Until that time we forbear commenting on the affair.Mr. Hunt is badly injured, and at this writing it is impossible to say whether the wound will prove fatal or not. His physicians Drs. Jones & Gatewood, are using all their skill to save his life, and have [??] that he will recover.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, January 23, 1890

State of Missouri vs CS Finley & FC Wilson charged with felonious assault on Warren Hunt. Requested a change of venue. No date set. Mr. Hunt the injured party is getting along nicely & will recover.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, January 30, 1890

W.D. Cheek on the sick list Truman Cheek afflected with a bad case of sore eyes.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, February 6, 1890

La Grippe sickness affecting many people in Dallas County.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, February 13, 1890

Rev. Finley of Kansas City occupied the Presbyterian pulpit last Sunday noon & night.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, February 20, 1890

La Grippe still raging

W.W. Finley a prominent farmer & teacher called on Monday and renewed his subscription.

Harriet Phillips died in Jasper Twp. She was 30 years old and left behind a husband and four children. She was buried in Haribut Cemetery.

Henry Owensby is busily engaged building a house on his father's farm

Will Finley closed a successful term of school in the Flintwoods district in the northeast part of the county last Friday.


Monroe Lindsey and wife, from Charity were visiting Wm. Monday and family last week.

Prof. W.H. Anderson's school at Prairie View closed last Saturday with a large attendance of patrons and friends. J.J. Cheek has been sick for several days.

Ed. Freeman and sister departed for Kentucky a few days ago.

Rev. M. Slaughter preached here last week.

Miss Sarah Jones, who has been attending school in Douglas County, returned hone Friday.

Lead Mine Items

Grip, Grip; here, there and in every nook and corner, until big, little, old and young have all had the grip.

Sickness has not abated much in this neighborhood. Levi Cochran is still alive, after suffering with Typhoid fever for about eight weeks; but the doctor has given him up so I understand. Mrs. Lydia Owensby is getting better. W.P. Bishop's wife died last Friday night after a long illness. Miss Laura Farmer died yesterday. She had been sick quite a while.

Henry Owensby, son of L.D. Owensby and Melvina Rambo were married last Sunday.

Prairie Grove

Jules Bradley moved his saw mill to Greasy last Saturday.

The little son of A.A. Roderick was taken last Friday with spasms; he is recovering.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, March 13, 1890

Local Items

Died, February 1st, 1890 at the residence of John M. Beck, Charles C., son of Thomas L. & Mary F. Sloan aged 16 years, 3 months and 19 days. He leaves a widowed mother, three sisters and three brothers and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. His father abandoned them June 15, 1885, leaving them in destitute circumstances, and little Charley being stouter than his elder brother was looked to by his mother and family for their main support. Had he remained with them and treated them like a father, the dear little fellow would not have exposed himself; but the dear little body is at rest. The disease with which he died was fever superinduced by la grippe. (long flowery obit)

J.W. Coon who has been attending medical school at Indianapolis, Indiana, since last fall, returned to his home at Louisburg a few days ago.

Mrs. T.C. Lovell has accepted a Clerkship with the Buffalo Cash House, made necessary by their fast increasing trade.

Mrs. Kelly moved this morning into her new purchase, the D.J.E. Jones property, in the south part of town.

Stonewall Johnson has purchased of R.A. Booth his one-half interest in the Buffalo House.

J.H. Barker one of Lincoln township's rustling sons of toil is now numbered among the denizens of the metropolis of Dallas.

O.H. Scott, Esq. spent the front part of last week with his father of near Bolivar.

T.S. Williamson, barber, north side square, Buffalo, MO.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, March 27, 1890

Strange Accident at Funeral While the body of Mrs. Robb, who died at Green Ridge, Pettis Co., was being taken to the cemetery, the team attached to the wagon containing the casket ran away. The casket was thrown out, the cover broken & the body cast onto the ground.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, April 17, 1890

A baby girl was born April 15, 1890 to Mr. & Mrs. Levi Engle

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, May 1, 1890

Dr F.W. Randles has accepted a clerkship in the drug store of C.S. Finley at Long Lane, where he will also practice his profession. His family will remain in Buffalo.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, July 3, 1890

Uncle Billy Kirk died June 10, 1890. He was 68 years old and left a wife and nine children. He was buried at the Kirk Cemetery.

Mary Frances Stafford, wife of N. C. Staford died June 5, 1889. She was born February 11, 1859 & was married January 1, 1874. (long obit)

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, July 17, 1890

Miss Mary T. Grainger daughter of F. W. & Sarah A. Grainger, died of Typhoid Fever. She was 21y 5m 21d old. She was born in Logan County, Kentucky on February 2, 1869 and came to Missouri with her parents & settled near Urbana in September of 1882. Her father is an invalid and Mary had just obtained her teaching certificate, in order to help out, just a few weeks before she died.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, July 31, 1890

Miss Cora Muscatine died last Monday after a long illness with a uterine tumor.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, August 7, 1890

Amos S. Smith died. He was born 1838 in Virginia, the son of a Methodist minister. He was a lawyer and was married twice. He was buried at Hermitage Cemetery. (long obit)

Sister C. E. Mustaine, wife of Bowden Mustaine and daughter of John & Sarah Cook, died July 28, 1890. She was 18y 6m 16d old and was born January 12, 1872. Buried at New Hope Cemetery

22 year old daughter of L. Minett died of fever.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, August 28, 1890

C.S. Finley shipped a carload of hogs to St. Louis.

Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, Oct 16, 1890

Benjamin, 15 year old son of James McGee died last Thursday at father's residence in Jackson Twp.

Little child of Joseph Franklin of Long Lane, died last Saturday.

Submitted by Cindy Alvarez.

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