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The Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, July 13, 1933


Nancy Ann Dyer, wife of M. E. Strickland
Thomas C. Potter, son of William and Frances Potter, husband of Mary Prater
Hazel Bledsoe, wife of Louis E. Hill
Floyd O. Reynolds, son of Mrs. Mollie Wilshire, grandson of John Reynolds
Elizabeth Williams, wife of J. T. Dugan


Mrs. Nora Allen and children, Mrs. Carrie Cheek and Mrs. Delmar Moore and little daughter, Louise, visited Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Ruby Hoover and children.

Ray Hoover received word Saturday that his sister, Mrs. Stone, was not expected to live very long.


H. H. Scott is erecting a camp building on the river.


Noma Scott spent Sunday afternoon with Erle and Ralph Williams.


Cora Tucker and children and Jeanette Scott visited at the home of W. H. Scott.

Sam and Alice Showber, Will and Hiram Hicks, Charlie and Ada Scott and twins, Myrtle Lynch and Ida Clark, visited awhile at the W. H. Scott home July Fourth, and Ona and Bessie Scott went with them to the state park to spend the day. All reported a fine time.


Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Loudermilk spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swift, and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Swift and family spent the day there also.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Frankland and family took dinner Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swift and Aunt Lizzie Hill returned home with them for a short visit.


Herbert H. Scott, merchant at Windyville, was attending to business in Buffalo last of last week. He reported that the road to Windyville was in fine shape that day.


Allen Cheek received appointment this week to a position in the hatchery division of the State Game and Fish Department and has been assigned to work at the hatchery located at Bennett Spring State Park. Mr. Cheek begins his work today, Thursday. He will assist Harlie Stinecipher of Plad who recently was appointed and has been working at this hatchery for some weeks. Mr. Cheek is familiar with fish life and their habits and should make the department an excellent employee.

The Buffalo Reflex, Thursday, October 26, 1933


John W. Strickland, 18, Buffalo and Edith Garrison, 16, Buffalo (Married by W. A. Burns, J. P.)
Streeter Smith, over 21, Buffalo and Edna Jasper, 15, Long Lane (Married by J. M. Brackley, M. G.)


C. W. Krause, brother of Mrs. Louisa Lewine
Leah Evaline Hoppers, wife of J. C. Pippin
Janice Cunningham, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Todd


The boys are practicing basket ball with Mr. Condren as coach. The squad consists of the following boys: Leland Burtin, Ruie Doolin, Buell Powell, Harley Thompson, Bertram Sturdevant, Fred Triplett, Herschel Scott, Paul Burton, and Sheridan McClurg.


Mrs. Carrie Cheek received news Sunday that her niece, Mrs. Beulah White, of Springfield, was paralyzed from her waist down and in a serious condition.


Mr. Edson Scott and family from Kansas spent a part of last week with his sister, Mrs. Elma Evans. The Scotts, Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Gussie Watkins of Buffalo, made a trip to South Missouri and North Arkansas last Friday.

Mesdames Sarah Engle and Vinnie Cheek were Sunday afternoon callers at Mrs. Harriett Hendrickson's home.


Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gibson of Buffalo had as their guests for a few days last of last week her nephew, Paul Butcher, his wife and two children, of Riverside, Calif. He is a son of Jim Butcher. The family had been to Chicago to attend the world's fair, and in North Dakota to visit Mrs. Butcher's folks. They also visited some in the Davis Highbarger home on route four. From here they went to Galena, Kan., to visit the Frank Alford family.

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Scott who have been at home in rooms in the Judge J. A. Watkins property moved Wednesday to the Geo. Scott farm on route 4.

Mr. and Mrs. Edson Scott of Kiowa, Kan., visited Thursday to Monday with his sisters, Mrs. J. A. Watkins, Buffalo, and Mrs. Bill Evans, south of town. Friday Mr. and Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Watkins, Mrs. Evans drove to Springfield where Mrs. F. H. Jacobsen joined them and they all motored to Hollister and the Arkansas line that day. Then Sunday the Scott Family held a reunion at the Watkins home in Buffalo.


Alice and Martha Tibbs spent from Tuesday night until Sunday visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Beckner.


Ada Scott and twins spent Saturday night in the Will Todd home.


Mrs. C. A. Barclay and little daughter Noma Scott spent Saturday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Williams.

Submitted by Rick Gregg.

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