Sheriff Merrell Greenberry Hoover

Sheriff Mug Hoover

14 Feb 1860 - 10 Nov 1917

Murrell Greenberry Hoover is found in most records as M. G. Hoover and was known as "Mug". He married Martha Ann Williams January 1, 1880, raising a family of twelve children.

This photo shows Sheriff Mug Hoover standing beside the Dallas County jail in Buffalo, MO. He was elected on the Republican ticket in 1904, defeating his opponent Joseph P. Lock by 1716 to 913 votes. He was reelected in 1908 defeating R. E. Dowell by 1462 to 1052 votes. He did not run in 1912. In addition to being Dallas Co. Sheriff, Murrell was a farmer and owned a general store on the corner of the town square of Buffalo.

Photo submitted to the Dallas County MOGenWeb by Gary Swift.