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The Buffalo Record, Thursday, September 24, 1908


Married, at the bride's home in this city, Sunday evening last, at 7:00 o'clock, Miss Addie Franklin to Mr. Riley Fullerton.

The bride is a daughter of Mat Franklin and wife, and is a highly respected young lady. The groom, a son of R. M. Fullerton and wife, is a hard-working and honorable young man.

The happy couple left Monday for Aurora, where they will visit relatives.

The Record extends congratulations.

China Shower

Miss Segus Gatewood, on Saturday night last, gave a "china shower" in honor of Mrs. Harley Gleason. Many useful pieces of chinaware were presented.

Those present were: Mesdames Harley Gleason, J. R. O'Bannon, M. E. Reynolds, W. B. Rust, Grace O'Bannon, T. M. Davis, C. H. Reagan, and Misses Jessie Morrow, Nelle Wright, Grace Eger, Anna McCall, Maggie Cox, Ida Coffman, Nelle and Bessie Bridges, Alice Pittman, Linnie Pendergraft, Ressie Weatherby and Mildred Morrow. A most enjoyable evening was spent.

Birthday Dinner

On last Sunday C. W. Smithpeter pursuaded his wife to take a short drive and our readers can imagine her surprise, upon returning, to find her home invaded by a number of her friends, thereby reminding her that it was her 32d. birthday. The following were present: Mesdames Stella Hawk, S. N. Proctor, Jennie Welch, Julia Pittman, J. T. Pendleton, Grace O'Bannon and children, Nell Rust and daughter, Martha Miller and Margarette Booth; and the following and their families: F. C. Wilson, A. F. Hunt, W. Smithpeter, J. I. Hunt, John Davison, R. A. Booth, W. T. Hunt, M. E. Reynolds and John Deere. Miss Lizzie Miller, D. T. Fuller.

Submitted by Rick Gregg.

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