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These surnames have been submitted by Dallas County genealogy researchers. To contact the submitter by email simply click on the Contact link of choice. See also our links to Dallas County Related Surname Sites.

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Surname Contact Dates in Dallas Co. Location in Dallas Co.
Adams 1880 Lincoln township
Agee 1839-present Redtop, Buffalo, Foose, Boliver, Halfway
Agee 1850 unknown
Alexander 1850s & 1860s unknown
Alford 1800's to present unknown
Allison 1850- 1900 unknown
Amos About 1854 unknown
Amos 1800's unknown
Anderson unknown Long Lane, Buffalo
Anglin mid 1800's unknown
Arnold unknown unknown
Arnold at least 1860 Benton
Arnold unknown unknown
Atkisson unknown Buffalo
Atteberry Since early 1800's Buffalo, Charity, and Elkland
Auberry 1800s Buffalo or Red Top
Austin unknown unknown
Austin 1840s - ? Red Top, Foose, Half-Way, Buffalo, Schofield
Babb Early 1800's Buffalo area
Bailey before 1869 to about 1950 Jasper township
Baines 1907 Unknown
Baker unknown Charity, Buffalo
Baker 1800's to present unknown
Barclay 1835 -1907 Tunis, Bennett Springs
Barclay 1830 to present day Buffalo, Charity
Barclay 1850-1900 unknown
Barham 1840s - ? Red Top, Foose, Half-Way, Buffalo, Schofield
Barnett unknown unknown
Barnett 1870s - Present Red Top, Foose, Half-Way, Buffalo, Schofield
Barrick 1877-1900 SW Dallas Co., Jackson township
Bartee unknown unknown
Bass 1800's to present unknown
Bean 1871-1880 unknown
Beckerdite unknown unknown
Beckner 1800 unknown
Bell 1800s - 1900s Buffalo
Bennett unknown unknown
Bennett 1850 - 1900 Windyville, Jasper township
Bennett 1863 thru 1900 unknown
Black 1850-now urbana
Blankenship 1870 - ? Jackson & Benton townships.
Blankenship ca 1840 - ca 1900 near Buffalo
Bonner 1850 Urbana, Buffalo
Bottom unknown unknown
Boyd 1868 to 1893 unknown
Bradley unknown unknown
Brownfield unknown Washington Township
Bruce before 1937 March
Burris unknown unknown
Butner ca. 1880 unknown unknown
Callison 1849 Fair Grove, Long Lane, Buffalo
Cannon 1857 Charity
Carroll 1860-? Buffalo
Campbell unknown unknown
Chapman 1839-1890 Benton & Jackson township
Carter 1850-now urbana
Case 1850s - Red Top, Foose, Half-Way, Buffalo, Schofield
Chastain abt. 1858 to? Buffalo township
Chasteen, Chastain 1870 - ? Jasper township, Buffalo
Caughran 1850 Long Lane, Buffalo
Cauthon before 1898 unknown
Childers 1900 Miller
Claspill unknown unknown
Clemmons 1870s to the present Celt; Miller township
Coburn 1895 Buffalo (?)
Cofer unknown unknown
Coffman 1850 Urbana, Buffalo
Collins 1977-present Long Lane, Elkland, Louisburg
Coon 1848 present
Creek unknown unknown
Cross 1850 Urbana, Buffalo
Cross 1850-1870 Buffalo
Crosswhite unknown unknown
Crow 1850+ Buffalo
Cudd 1835-1907 Tunis, Bennett Springs
Cusick 1880-1960's Grant
Darby unknown Urbana
Davis unknown unknown
Davis 1866 unknown
Davison 1830 to present day Buffalo Charity
Davidson 1830 to present day Buffalo Charity
Dean unknown Long Lane
DeBoard 1865 Louisburg
Depew 1870-1909 Urbana
Derry 1880 (abt) through late 1890s Washington township
Diehl 1850 - Present Elkland
Dill unknown Buffalo/Charity/LongLane
Dillion 1850 Urbana, Buffalo
Dodd 1850s - ? Red Top, Foose, Half-Way, Buffalo, Schofield
Donley 1900 to 1960 Urbana and Cross Timbers
Doolin 1850 - 1951 Windyville, Jasper township
Dougherty, Daugherty 1888-1900+ Louisberg and Humansville in Polk Co.
Dowis unknown unknown
Dugan 1848-? Marshfield (St. Luke), Buffalo
Dull 1869 Long Lane, Buffalo
Dumond 1970's - Present Buffalo
Durington unknown unknown
Durrington 1810's - present
Edington 1835 - 1870 Buffalo
Edmison, Edmisson 1850-1890 unknown
Elgin 1860-? unknown
Elmore unknown unknown
Emory, Emery 1860's Washington township
Engle from 1835 Benton township
Engle Abt 1860 through 1890+ Benton
Evans 1870- 1940? unknown
Evans 1870's - present unknown
Everman unknown unknown
Farmer unknown to present Buffalo?
Finney 1860 Miller
Fraker 1850+ Buffalo
Franklin 1849 - 1924 Windyville, Jasper township & City of Buffalo
Franklin unknown unknown
Franklin 1860 Buffalo
Gann 1856 Charity, Buffalo
Gann 1840 TO ? unknown
Gann 1850 Long Lane, Buffalo
Gamel unknown unknown
Gamel unknown unknown
Gammon 1886 Charity
Garner 1860 - 1910 Jackson, Benton
Garrison 1852-1952 Celt
Gaunt unknown unknown
Glanville unknown unknown
Goodale 1900's to present Buffalo, Elkland,
Gordon unknown unknown
Green unknown unknown
Green 1842 unknown
Gregg unknown unknown
Gregg unknown unknown
Guthrie 1886-1952 unknown
Guthrie 1800-1939 Corkery
Hagans 1850 unknown
Hale unknown unknown
Hall 1870 Grant
Hallett 1890's Leadmine
Hampton 1850 to 1890 Louisburg
Hardison 1830 to present day Buffalo, Charity
Harmison After 1870 to unknown Buffalo
Harmon unknown Charity
Harmon 1850's Boliver - Grant township
Harmon 1880-1910 unknown
Hatfield 1870, 1880 Grant
Hawley 1900 to present unknown
Haymes 1840-1960 unknown
Hays unknown unknown
Hays/Hayse/Hayes after 1850 and before 1870 Miller TWP, Buffalo Post Office
Hefner 1863-1881 Miller
Henderson 1900?-1950? Woodhill/Buffalo
Henderson 1870, 1880 Grant
Hendry 1885 Urbana, Buffalo
Henson last known 12/1940 possibly Elkland or Elkhead
Henderson 1880-1900 Leadmine and Miller
Highbarger 1890 near Buffalo
Highfill ca 1852-now SW Dallas Co., Jackson township
Highfill 1850's unknown
Highfill unknown unknown
Hildebrand, Hilderbrand 1860 Jasper township
Hill 1898 to ? unknown
Hill 1869 Long Lane, Buffalo
Hills 1907 unknown
Hitson mid to late 1800's Long Lane
Holbert 1866 unknown
Holden unknown unknown
Holden 1851 thru 1880 unknown
Holland 1834-PRESENT Fair Grove, Long Lane, Buffalo
Hollomon 1800's to present unknown
Hoobler 1860- Redtop/Foose
Hoover unknown unknown
Hoover unknown unknown
Houchin 1870s-present unknown
Hovey 1870-1890 unknown
Huffman 1850 unknown
Hull ca. 1880 unknown
Humphrey 1850-1870 Buffalo
Hurshman 1902 unknown
Hutchinson bef Oct. 1859 - 1897 Jasper and Washington townships
Jefferies unknown unknown
Jemes married November 09, 1904 unknown
Johnson 1840 unknown
Johnston unknown unknown
Jones 1860 - 1911 Windyville, Jasper township
Jordan unknown Urbana
Jordan, Jourdan 1850 Urbana
Junkins 1870 - 1940? unknown
Kahler unknown unknown
Karr 1870-present unknown
Kays 1880 - 1920 Buffalo
Knight unknown Buffalo Area
Lamar 1850 unknown
Line about 1857 Louisburg area
Lipe unknown unknown
Long unknown unknown
Long unknown unknown
Long 1863 thru 1880 unknown
Looney unknown Buffalo
Looney 1850s & 1860s unknown
Lopeman 1880 east of Buffalo, SW of Fourmile Church
Maddux 1848 till present time Buffalo, Red Top, Jackson
Mann 1880 throu 1990s Buffalo
Marsh early 1840s Louisburg area
McConnell 1902-1971 Louisburg
McGee unknown unknown
McGee unknown unknown
McGee 1854-1917 Jackson Twsp
McKee 1848 - 1966 Windyville & Benton Branch, Jasper township
McKee 1847 Near Buffalo
McPheeters 1840-1998 unknown
McVey, McVay 1850-now Bennett Springs
Miller 1800's - unknown Long Lane, Buffalo
Meeker early 1900s unknown
Meeker unknown unknown
Moad 1860-1900 Washington township
Moad 1870-1910 approximate unknown
Holloman 1860's to 1900's Miller township, Urbana, Leadmine
Monday unknown Long Lane
Monday 1844 - on Jasper, Jackson, Miller
Montgomery unknown unknown
Montgomery 1902-1915 Louisburg
Moore 1862 thru 1970s around Louisburg
Morgan 1880's probably Urbana
Morrison 1850 to 1890 Louisburg
Morrow Early 1800's Buffalo area
Morrow 1870 - 1950 Buffalo
Morss 1927 Charity
Mosher unknown unknown
Mustain 1840 to Unknown Buffalo
Myers Early 1800's Buffalo area
Newman unknown unknown
Newton 1871-1880 unknown
Nichols unknown unknown
Nicodemus 1890s - Present Red Top, Foose, Half-Way, Buffalo, Schofield
Nimmo 1850 to 1880 Jackson township
Oliver 1860 unknown
Owens 1860-1900 Washington township
Palmer unknown unknown
Parscale married November 09, 1904 in Dallas Co unknown
Patterson 1872-1875 Washington
Perryman unknown Jasper
Phariss 1850's Boliver - Grant township
Pope 1870s Township 35, rng 19
Popejoy 1842 unknown
Powell unknown unknown
Preston 1850s - ? Red Top, Foose, Half-Way, Buffalo, Schofield
Prewitt, Pruett, Pruitt unknown unknown
Price 1851-1907 Charity-Hogeye?
Radford 1847 unknown
Rambo 1820s to present Washington township
Rambo 1850 to 1900's Miller township, Leadmine, Urbana
Randleman Abt 1860 through 1890+ Benton
Rakestraw 1850 unknown
Redifer, Redeifer 1870-1895 Urbana
Reed 1863 Celt, Missouri
Reynolds 1845- 1849 unknown
Rhodelander unknown unknown
Rhoten, Rhoton, Rhotan, Rhaten 1865 to at least 1947 Washington township
Robbins unknown unknown
Roddy 1870 - ? Jackson, Benton township
Rogers, Rodgers 1850-1860+ unknown
Rogers 1853-1860 unknown
Routh unknown unknown
Routh 1850-Present Spring Grove, Charity, Buffalo (Jackson township).
Russell 1869 Long Lane, Buffalo
Russell unknown unknown
Russell 1850 - on Benton
Saxbury After 1870 to unknown Buffalo
Scott unknown unknown
Self unknown unknown
Shadrick, Shadwick after 1855 unknown
Sharick 1850-1930 Charity
Sharp 1868 thur 1947 unknown
Shattuck 1900 - 1916 Long Lane
Sheridan 1900-1920 Foose
Simmons 1825-1940 Tunas, Branch, Celt
Simms 1871-1885 Dallas Co. Jackson township
Smith unknown unknown
Smith 1870, 1880 Grant
Snow 1870's unknown
Stafford unknown Buffalo/Charity/LongLane
Stanley 1839 to early 1900s Buffalo
Stepp late 1830s to about 1860 SW Dallas Co.
Sterling unknown Urbana
Stevens 1940-1959 Buffalo
Stever unknown unknown
Stewart, Stuart 1840-1850 Niagua or "Little Me Go" River
Stidham unknown unknown
Strickland unknown unknown
Strickland 1860-1900 Creasy Creek, east of Buffalo
Sturdevant 1851 - present Lone Rock & Windyville & Benton Branch, Jasper township
Swift late 1830s to 1940s Benton Branch, Buffalo
Taylor 1865-1922 Ira, Leadmine, Eldrige
Taylor 1880-1900 Leadmine and Miller
Todd 1850's Benton
Tuckness 1840s - 1940s Red Top, Foose, Half-Way, Buffalo
Tucker early 1840s Louisburg area
Van Bibber 1900 unknown
Vance unknown unknown
Waibel unknown unknown
Walker 1840-1998 Buffalo
Ware 1800's to present unknown
White unknown unknown
White 1830-1900 Dallas, Polk, Webster
Wilder 1860-Present unknown
Wilkinson 1835 - unknown unknown
Williams unknown Buffalo/Charity/LongLane
Williams 1850 - on Miller
Williams around 1900 around Louisburg
Wilson 1800-1939 Corkery
Wilson 1863 unknown
Wilson unknown unknown
Wingo before 1920 unknown
Wingo 1854-1917 Jackson Twsp
Wise 1870-1910 Windyville/Jasper township
Wise 1870-1960 Jasper township
Wollard 1850-1890 unknown
Wollard 1830 to present day Buffalo Charity
Wood ca 1860 Benton
Woods the years around 1896 Buffalo and surrounding area
Yates 1850 - 1911 Benton township
Zimmerman unknown unknown

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