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Part I. Pre-Missouri Years

3. 1804 to 1809 INDIANA TERRITORY with District of Illinois and her Louisiana Regions.

  1. Explanations:
    1. In 1804 the USA began to organize the Louisiana, even though Spain had a suit in the courts to regain her, due to treaty default, by France, when France illegally sold Louisiana to the USA in 1802/3.
    2. 1804 The USA organized Louisiana into UPPER AND LOWER.
      1. LOWER embraced the Lands of the what is now Louisiana State and part of the Spanish Province of Caddo Indian Reservation. Then LOWER was renamed Orleans and elevated to the status of a Territory......ORLEANS TERRITORY
      2. UPPER embraced the lands of the old pre 1763 French Louisiana and the 6 Bulls Indian Confederation with the exception of the lower part (which is present day state of Louisiana). UPPER retained the name of LOUISIANA. Then the USA renamed Louisiana as LOUISIANA REGIONS and attached her to the District of Illinois which was annexed to Indiana Territory. (NOTE: That part of the Louisiana Region of 6 Bulls embraced what became todays MISSOURI STATE).
  2. Verifications:
    1. Book: A History of Missouri by David Muzzy, published 1936 (reprinted in 1956).
  3. Map of Indiana Territory rendered by Frances Deis Harris deceased, and in possession of her granddaughter Jo Ann Louise Harris Hamilton Fischer.

    1804 Indiana Territory with District of Illinois and her Louisiana Regions

    Map of District of Louisiana, 1804, rendered circa 1925, shows the populated areas of 6 Bulls that became Missouri State in 1821. Used by permission, courtesy of the University of Missouri Political Science Dept.

    6 Bulls in District of Illinios of Indiana Territory

Dallas County Historical Maps

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