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Serial No.
Section Aliquot
Patentee Issue
MO3230__.377 01SESERoper, John C12/01/1865
MO5330__.272 01E2NWWilson, Samuel C01/01/1849
MO5390__.130 01E1NEForkner, Gabriel H04/15/1853
MO5480__.361 01E1NWLatimer, John G05/15/1857
MO5870__.434 01NSEDavis, Daniel07/30/1878
MO6250__.132 01W1NWHarris, Simeon W10/27/1904
MO5350__.037 02SESWMeyers, Peter12/16/1850
MO5360__.481 03SESWHarris, James A07/01/1852
MO5450__.348 03ESEHarries, James A06/15/1855
MO5450__.348 03SWSEHarries, James A06/15/1855
MO5500__.354 03NWSEHarris, Nathan D05/15/1857
MO5600__.254 03E1NEEmory, James06/01/1859
MO5700__.110 03W1NERice, John06/01/1860
MO5740__.188 03SWSWWilliams, Louisa E10/01/1870
MO5900__.083 03W1NWYeates, William O01/07/1885
MO5900__.083 03W2NWYeates, William O01/07/1885
MO5930__.240 03NSWMarlin, Wallas07/17/1890
MO5950__.341 03E2NWRoss, Friedrich11/23/1891
MO5950__.341 03W2NERoss, Friedrich11/23/1891
MO6000__.147 03E2NEGann, James11/30/1894
73109 05W2NWBaker, Frank L07/22/1909
MO5740__.286 05W2NEThurman, John04/01/1871
MO5850__.157 05NESEHelt, Jesse F07/01/1875
MO5850__.464 05SWSEBaker, James11/20/1875
MO5860__.050 05NWSWThoroughman, Charles T01/10/1875
MO5860__.050 05W1NWThoroughman, Charles T01/10/1875
MO5530__.489 07S1NWHolloway, John H05/15/1857
MO5530__.490 07NWSEChapman, Brookins05/15/1857
MO5580__.290 07N1NWHolloway, John H06/01/1859
MO5580__.290 07NWNEHolloway, John H06/01/1859
MO5730__.368 07SWNEMcConnell, John N07/20/1869
MO5820__.101 07SENEWilliams, John F03/25/1872
MO5840__.014 07N2SWGann, Francis04/10/1874
MO5880__.143 07NENEWard, Samuel H06/30/1879
MO5350__.270 08SWSEJones, James12/16/1850
MO5350__.488 08SESWJones, Eli W07/01/1852
268563 09SWSWBrashier, Finley05/23/1912
MO5810__.424 09NWNWVincent, Susanah C12/30/1871
MO5840__.292 09SNEPopejoy, Edward B10/30/1874
MO5840__.292 09SNEPopejoy, Mahala A10/30/1874
MO5850__.043 09ESEEdington, William02/15/1875
MO5870__.204 09ESWBaker, G W08/01/1877
MO5870__.461 09NWSWThurman, James H07/30/1878
MO5870__.461 09SWNWThurman, James H07/30/1878
MO6100__.256 09SENWVincent, Frank R05/08/1901
MO5450__.281 11NENEMyers, Jacob12/15/1854
MO5450__.281 11NENWMyers, Jacob12/15/1854
MO5450__.281 11WNEMyers, Jacob12/15/1854
MO5520__.243 11NWNWJones, William H05/15/1857
MO5700__.137 11NESWWilson, James J06/01/1860
MO5740__.074 11SENEHarden, Joseph05/10/1870
MO5830__.127 11WSWFulton, Nathaniel05/10/1873
MO6270__.437 11SESWHutchinson, Burnette05/02/1905
MO6270__.437 11SESWHutchinson, Daniel J05/02/1905
MO5300__.403 12SESERoper, John C04/03/1848
MO5300__.403 12SWSERoper, John C04/03/1848
MO5300__.397 13SNETindle, James W04/03/1848
MO5300__.397 13SENWTindle, James W04/03/1848
MO5300__.398 13NWSETindle, James W04/03/1848
MO5500__.356 13SWNWTindle, James W05/15/1857
MO5590__.008 13NENETindle, James W06/01/1859
MO5590__.008 13NENWTindle, James W06/01/1859
MO5610__.416 13NESWTindle, James W06/01/1859
MO5640__.408 13SWSWGraham, Joseph06/01/1859
MO5650__.281 13ESEFulton, Robert11/01/1859
MO5650__.281 13SWSEFulton, Robert11/01/1859
MO5670__.060 13NWNWTindle, James W03/01/1860
MO5750__.415 13NWSWStrickland, James M03/01/1877
MO5810__.330 13SESEMarlin, Charles P11/25/1871
MO5910__.085 13SESWBurk, Alfred07/03/1888
MO5310__.403 14NESEBarrett, John S09/01/1848
MO5320__.226 14SESWJones, James11/01/1848
MO5730__.046 15SWSWGraves, Preston J06/15/1863
MO5820__.358 15NWSWHall, William02/01/1873
MO5820__.358 15SWNWHall, William02/01/1873
MO5850__.166 15NNWWarren, Samuel V07/01/1875
MO5850__.371 15SWSEAtkins, Scott10/05/1875
MO5870__.047 15NESWRhoten, Sarah03/01/1877
MO5870__.047 15SENWRhoten, Sarah03/01/1877
MO5900__.079 15NWSERhoten, Alexander01/07/1885
MO5500__.015 17SWSWJones, James05/15/1857
MO5670__.080 17NESWClifton, Alfred03/01/1860
MO5670__.080 17SWSEClifton, Alfred03/01/1860
MO5730__.309 17SESWJones, James07/20/1869
MO5840__.362 17NWSWSimmons, David P01/05/1875
MO5850__.078 17NWSEClifton, Rachel E04/01/1875
MO5960__.043 17ESEDay, Benjamin F02/06/1892

The following sections were part of Dallas County until they were given to Webster County when it was formed in 1855.

Serial No.
Section Aliquot
Patentee Issue
MO5320__.227 19SWNEJameson, David M11/01/1848
MO5340__.091 19NESEPatterson, Thomas01/01/1850
MO5340__.301 19NWSEPatterson, Thomas01/01/1850
MO5360__.252 19S1SWPatterson, Thomas07/01/1852
MO5450__.457 19NWNEJameson, David M03/10/1856
MO5450__.458 19N1NWJameson, Jehu R03/10/1856
MO5470__.315 19SENEJones, James03/10/1856
MO5510__.009 19SWSEGraham, James05/15/1857
MO5580__.344 19N1SWGraham, James06/01/1859
MO5740__.449 19SESEDrumheller, James T07/01/1871
MO5810__.330 19NWNWMarlin, Charles P11/25/1871
MO5860__.041 19S1NWMcGrew, Daniel12/10/1875
MO5860__.041 19S1NWMcGrew, Mary E12/10/1875
MO5300__.299 20ESEMarlin, Spencer04/03/1848
MO5330__.079 20SWNWJameson, David M01/01/1849
MO5320__.407 21NENEHendrickson, William B11/01/1848
MO5340__.309 21SWNWHaymes, John E01/01/1850
MO5450__.355 21SEGraves, Preston J03/10/1856
MO5500__.200 21SWSWMarlin, Spencer05/15/1857
MO5590__.404 21NWNWHaymes, John E06/01/1859
MO5820__.308 21ENWHogan, Anthony02/01/1873
MO5840__.020 21NSWSimmons, William J04/10/1874
MO6010__.472 21SESWMarlin, Jesse H05/22/1896
MO5300__.297 22ESWMarlin, James04/03/1848
MO5370__.257 22WSEMarlin, Thomas10/01/1852
MO5370__.394 22NENEDenney, Caroline10/01/1852
MO5370__.394 22NENEDenney, Sarah E10/01/1852
MO5380__.053 22SENWMarlin, Thomas11/01/1852
MO5300__.413 23NWNEGraham, Richard04/03/1848
MO5300__.413 23SENEGraham, Richard04/03/1848
MO5300__.414 23NWSEGraham, Richard04/03/1848
MO5300__.414 23SESEGraham, Richard04/03/1848
MO5510__.227 23SWNEGraham, Joseph05/15/1857
MO5580__.366 23NENEGraham, Joseph06/01/1859
MO5860__.110 23SESWZimmerman, Robert M01/10/1876
MO5860__.110 23SWSEZimmerman, Robert M01/10/1876
MO5400__.210 24NWNWGraham, William04/15/1853
MO5400__.210 24SENWGraham, William04/15/1853
MO5760__.002 25ENWJones, James S12/10/1881
MO5760__.002 25ENWJones, Nicholas F12/10/1881
MO5870__.444 25ESWFerrier, John T07/30/1878
MO6040__.114 25WNWBrake, David M08/01/1898
MO6040__.114 25WSWBrake, David M08/01/1898
MO5320__.267 26NWNWDill, Joseph11/01/1848
MO5450__.400 27SSWHarvey, Elizabeth03/10/1856
MO5500__.245 27NESEShook, Abram05/15/1857
MO5530__.010 27SWSEHarvey, Elizabeth05/15/1857
MO5570__.123 27ENWWilliams, Elizabeth06/01/1859
MO5570__.123 27SWNWWilliams, Elizabeth06/01/1859
MO5740__.409 27SENEShook, Joseph B07/01/1871
MO5750__.168 27NNEFerrier, Joseph S08/20/1872
MO5820__.102 27NWSEWilliams, James E03/25/1872
MO5820__.102 27SWNEWilliams, James E03/25/1872
MO5860__.119 27SESELatimer, William H01/10/1876
MO5870__.458 27NSWWilliams, Charles G07/30/1878
MO5300__.420 28NWNEMarlin, Thomas04/03/1848
MO5320__.204 28SESWHollis, James E11/01/1848
MO5300__.416 29WNWLatimer, William B04/03/1848
MO5320__.020 29NENWHaynes, John E11/01/1848
MO5330__.466 29SWNEHagans, David01/01/1849
MO5370__.215 29SWSWSmith, Thomas W07/01/1852
MO5370__.267 29SENWLattimore, William B10/01/1852
MO5500__.115 29SENEHagans, David05/15/1857
MO5740__.333 29NWSWGourly, John04/15/1871
MO5740__.450 29NENEMarlin, Spencer07/01/1871
MO5840__.383 29NWNEPrice, Jasper M01/05/1875
MO5300__.304 30WNELatimer, William B04/03/1848
MO5300__.416 30NESELatimer, William B04/03/1848
MO5320__.067 30S2NWOrten, John C11/01/1848
MO5330__.293 30SWSEKing, Wilson H01/01/1849
MO5370__.306 30NWSELatimer, William B10/01/1852
MO5310__.407 31N1NWKing, Wilson H09/01/1848
MO5310__.408 31NENEKing, John09/01/1848
MO5330__.114 31N2NWFraser, William01/01/1849
MO5330__.142 31NWNEKing, Wilson H01/01/1849
MO5360__.026 31S2NWKing, John07/01/1852
MO5380__.419 31N1SWLowder, Wesley O11/01/1852
MO5450__.459 31NWSELowder, Wesley O03/10/1856
MO5500__.041 31SWNEKing, John05/15/1857
MO5540__.263 31SWSEHaynes, William B10/30/1857
MO5740__.026 31SENEKing, John07/20/1869
MO5810__.331 31NESELowder, Wesley O11/25/1871
MO5960__.035 312SWPoindexter, James R02/06/1892
MO5960__.035 31S1SWPoindexter, James R02/06/1892
MO5320__.068 32SENEJameson, Jehu R11/01/1848
MO5320__.430 32NENEJameson, John R11/01/1848
MO5440__.426 32SWNWKing, John11/15/1854
MO5440__.427 32NENWLattimer, John G11/15/1854
MO3230__.402 33SWSEDay, Robert B12/01/1865
MO5300__.296 33ENWHollis, James E04/03/1848
MO5300__.298 33WSWJameson, Jehu R04/03/1848
MO5300__.421 33SWNEHollis, James E04/03/1848
MO5370__.270 33NWNEHollis, James E10/01/1852
MO5370__.270 33WNWHollis, James E10/01/1852
MO5500__.046 33SESWJameson, Jehu R05/15/1857
MO5730__.486 33SESEDay, Robert B07/20/1869
MO5900__.278 33NSEFerrier, Jordan03/20/1886
MO5400__.200 34SESWDay, Edward04/15/1853
164831 35SWSWMiller, John T12/08/1910
MO5500__.244 35NWSWDay, Joseph05/15/1857
MO5580__.337 35SENWDay, Joseph06/01/1859
MO5820__.267 35NESWCovington, Isabell02/01/1873
MO5830__.097 35NESEHartley, Thomas05/10/1873
MO5860__.118 35WNWWilliams, Archibald01/10/1876
MO5870__.313 35NWSEMathis, William T01/25/1878
MO5870__.313 35SWNEMathis, William T01/25/1878
MO5920__.098 35NENEPack, John A04/23/1889
MO5970__.473 35SWSEAlexander, Berry F09/15/1892

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